We Want To Thank You!

The FringeSport Black Friday sale is on!

Here's why our Black Friday sale is such a big deal to me.
In 2010, I started Fringe in my garage with my brother. I wanted to start a company that would make a difference for our customers, be something special in the world, and make a positive impact on millions of people.

We grew a little, made some sales here and there, and finally Black Friday 2011 rolled along.

We planned a Black Friday sale online and in Austin, because that's what retailers do, right?

When we showed up that morning to our (tiny) warehouse, we were locked out. Our landlord had rented the place to a band for the weekend to shoot a music video- and didn't tell us (Welcome to Austin!)

We banged on the door and got the band to stop recording for 30 minutes, dragged as much stuff out of the warehouse as we could, and waited.

30 minutes after we opened, an oldish Volkswagen comes rolling up. I think it was a Jetta. Kara, Joe, and Raul step out. They take a look at us, and BUY ALMOST ALL OF OUR BUMPERS.

They kept coming back throughout the day, loading up the Jetta, and driving away with our bumpers. The Jetta's suspension was not looking great by the evening.

So, they cleared us out. And we eventually had to turn away a few other customers looking for bumpers.

But they finally gave me the confirmation that what we were building could be what our customers and the world needed it to be.

And that was the day I decided to quit my job and become better than anyone else in the world at caring for FringeSport customers.

So that's my story, or one of them, anyway.

Oh, and I don't see Joe around much these days, but I count Kara and Raul as close friends. Sometimes Raul wears his Rogue shorts around me, but I forgive him.

Thanks to everyone who helped, believed, or gave me a little piece of themselves.


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