Fortitude Fitness Community WOD at FringeSport

We are so excited to announce that on December 12th at 10:00am our friends at Fortitude Fitness will be coming in and coaching a FREE community WOD. 

This WOD is opened to anyone and for all levels of fitness. Our doors will open at 9am and we suggest getting here early. Fortitude will be offering 50% off one month of unlimited classes if you sign up that day!

Want to learn about Fortitude Fitness?  Below is their story and why they are amazing! 


Athlete-centered: Some gyms talk about putting their athletes first; others do it. Twice a year, we conduct athlete surveys. These surveys act as a litmus test for our management team to understand how we are doing serving those who come to train with us and where we can make improvements. We are committed to evolving Fortitude in the best interest of our athletes and making changes driven by their requests.

Camaraderie: We are a supportive and encouraging community of friends. We believe that you can measure a gym by how its athletes interact with each other. We expect that our athletes will come to Fortitude Fitness – CrossFit 78702 for the workouts but stay because of the friends they’ve made.

We love new faces! Our hope is that you’ll get a feel for how we handle business and join our family because you know it’s the right fit for you.

Want to check out Fortitude before hand? Look at their amazing reviews on yelp, facebook or visit their website

We look forward to seeing you bright and early Saturday morning! 

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