Change your friends, change your life? Plus Nerd Rebellions and (non) stinky shirts

Megan laughing

Here's another recent shot that I love. I guess I'm easy. If you're modeling at a FringeSport photo shoot: laugh and Peter will put you on the blog. This is Megan from Woodward CrossFit in Austin, by the way.

On to the meat and potatoes. It's early January, and that means it's resolution time. Have you ever heard the quote:
     You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

When I wanted to start my own business, I hung out with a bunch of friends that wanted to start their own businesses. And none of us did.

After a while, I realized this and started hanging out with successful entrepreneurs. Bingo, I founded Fringe, and the rest is history.

Now that Fringe has reached some level of success, I am again shaking up my friend group and me + another entrepreneur buddy of mine are starting a new "mastermind". If you:

  • Have a business doing $5M to $20M in annual revenue
  • Is growing at least 20% per year for the next few years
  • Are willing to dedicate 1 hour a week, every other week to a mastermind call
  • Are willing to be completely transparent about your financials (in a confidential setting)
  • Are looking for real accountability for your (business') tasks and goals
Send me an email, and let's talk. There is no fee for this mastermind. Just 5ish people who are serious about taking their businesses to the next level and providing accountability and support to each other.

What if this sounds great but you don't fit what I'm looking for?

Start your own mastermind.

Just make sure you are stocking it with people who are serious about their goals, that their goals are congruent to yours, and don't be "the strongest person in the gym." You want to learn from others- and it's best to have people who have walked the walk already.

Need help with how to find people, how to reach out, or how to structure a mastermind call? Send me an email and ask me.

Change your friend group and you might just change your life. 

Here are a few cool things I've read/seen/played with recently:
    • My buddy Steve Kamb from NerdFitness wrote a book! It dropsTuesday. I've had a little preview and it's going to be awesome.
    • Another friend, Kaevon is running a kickstarter for a bamboo workout shirt. More comfort, less stink. Mine's on order.
    • I finally gave in and tried out some Stance socks. I def like them, at least for the winter months.
    • Derek Sivers was on the Tim Ferriss podcast recently. I lifted with Derek a couple of years ago in Bangkok, and read his first book. The podcast is worth a listen.
    • Fringe is hiring for two sales positions. One is entry level; one is mid level, with a lot of growth potential. Entry level total comp is $25k-$40k annual. Mid-level is $45k-$80k. I need rockstars for each position. Both are in Austin, but I would relo a badass for the mid level position. Know anyone? Send me an email

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