10 Reasons The Couple That Works Out Together Stays Together...

It's no secret that working out brings only positive benefits to your life.
"I regret that workout." - Said No One Ever. (Although your body may say otherwise at times) Many exercise articles have proven time and time again, that working out will boost happy chemicals, improve self-confidence, alleviate anxiety, and boost your brain power. 


So if it can do all that for just you, one can only imagine what benefits it will bring to your relationship if you workout together. 

10 Reasons Being With Your Swolemate Helps You Stay Together! 

1. You ALWAYS have a spotter available
Sometimes you want to up that weight and take on new challenges, but need that person by your side to help. Don't worry, because they will always be there with you in the gym and in life's challenges! 

2. They will motivate you to get your butt to the gym
One can always regret not going to the gym the next day or even late that night, but nothing is worse than letting down your workout buddy. If they end up making it to the gym and you decide to stay on the couch, you know your going to get the guilt stare as soon as they get home. So now there is even more reason to go to the gym! 

3. Meal prepping is a breeze
Those who meal prep together, stay on their diet together! Making sure you stay on a healthy diet is super easy when you are in it together. Also meal prepping is way more fun when you have someone to help you and get it done! 

4. Cheat days are WAY more fun
After meal prepping together and staying on your healthy diet all week, the perfect date night is a cheat night. Bring on the date night, because you both have been excited about the night all week long. 

5. Sweat doesn't bother you one bit, in fact you appreciate it
You know you don't have to rush home and shower to make sure you impress before or after the gym. Your significant other thinks you are at your sexiest when covered in sweat after a hot workout. 

6. Your sexy time is better than ever
Your self confidence and energy improves as a whole when working out, and it usually translates to the bedroom as well. You and your workout buddy can't keep your hands off each other. Getting cleaned up after a workout has never been so much fun ;) 

7. Giving gifts is easy peasy
Workout gear is a little on the pricey side and can always use an upgrade. When it comes to buying your swolemate the perfect gift, you can easily pick up those new workout shoes they have been eyeing. 

8. The more you workout, the fewer the fights 
We tend to take our anger and frustrations out on the ones we love the most. However, since you both tend to workout your anger at the gym, it equates to less anger at home - Meaning fewer fights and more perfect nights! 

9. You're both happier and more energetic people
When you workout you tend to be happier and have more energy giving both of you that extra boost on the weekends to go do something fun and exciting. Rarely will you find yourselves sitting at home doing nothing. 

10. You have a bond that no one else understands
Staying on your routine and eating clean keeps you focused and the best version of yourself. You and your partner know that throwing it off in the slightest can be detrimental for all parties involved. You both work together and understand its importance of a workout and staying on a clean diet. It's a bond that only someone with the same lifestyle understands the importance of, and together you are unstoppable. 

Happy Valentine's Day! Make sure you get your swolemate the gift they want this year! Start shopping now! 


  • Sebastian

    Great article! I gotta have a partner who loves to workout as much as I do! :D

  • Jeff

    True Dat!!!!!! Happy V-Day to all!!

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