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We dropped in the other day to check out an awesome up-and-coming gym on the Eastside (Austin, TX). They opened almost 6 months ago as Fortitude Fitness with a sweet little set-up inside Austin Kickboxing Academy. Dedication to their community led to solid growth and they quickly reached an exciting milestone:

July 1st, 2013 – Fortitude Fitness affiliates to CrossFit 78702!

After getting to know the owners, Athan and AnneMarie, and watching Fortitude Fitness grow these past few months, we are very proud to be able to make this announcement. They are an excellent addition to the fitness community in Austin and a superb option on the Eastside. Like many of the best boxes, their core values and value drivers are clear in the owners’ personalities:

Camaraderie – The physical act of working out is only half the battle. Almost anyone who has achieved success in group training or life in general will tell you that they could not have done it without the support of their community/friends. I think it speaks volumes that cultivating an environment of encouragement is the first tenant of CrossFit 78702’s value proposition. I cannot see anything but success for everyone involved.

Technical Proficiency – High intensity training can be extremely dangerous without the proper technique. Many gyms sacrifice form in order to achieve a better score/time in the short-term, but long-term gains and safety are only going to come from mastering the movements. Fortitude Fitness understands that technical proficiency paves the road to success, strength gains and an injury-free path!

Technology – Enormous tractor tire flips in a rocky lot with dust flying everywhere; sweaty, blistered and callused hands dripping blood after 50 pull-ups; a double screen TV loaded with a slick software called Wodify? Yes, technology does have a place even in a rugged gym. CrossFit 78702 realized that at the beginning and invested in the best software to track athlete progress and plot a targeted path to achieve their goals.


Want to know more? Check them out at:        


3232 East Cesar Chavez

Austin, TX 78702


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