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Atomic Athlete

You may have seen our recent blog post-"What is Atomic Athlete?" Want to give the programming a try?

Bad news/good news on that. The gym is located in Austin, and Atomic is taking a Fight Club approach to membership.

Atomic Athlete - Get the #### off my porch

But the good news is that from now until 22 October 2013, every purchase over $300 from FringeSport comes with a free one month membership to Atomic Athlete online!

All you need to do is purchase over $300, and we'll send you a promo code and link to sign up for a free month of Atomic. There's no further obligation, and the programming rocks!


Atomic Athlete Freshour Beast

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  • Chad

    Hi, in the last month I purchased $607 worth of equipment. Anyway I can get a coupon code?

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