Are Kettlebell Swings Really the King of All Exercises?

If you’re into strength and fitness, you know how difficult it can be to do things on a budget.

Whether it’s building/equipping your own home gym, or paying for a gym membership, expenses can mount in the blink of an eye.

However, depending on your goals, wellness, fitness, and strength don’t necessarily require equipment or a gym membership that costs an arm and a leg.

The first options that spring to mind are running and cycling—but not everybody is a fan, and those don’t incorporate strength.

There are also bodyweight exercises—but it’s good not to do too much of the same thing.

This brings up the topic of this blog, the kettlebell swing—a movement that fitness science guru, Tim Ferriss, refers to as the king of all exercises.

By incorporating this technique into a fitness routine, you’ll achieve a full-body workout with – potentially – only one piece of small equipment.

The Finer Points Kettlebell Swings

Here’s how to do a kettlebell swing:

Stand with both feet 6–12 inches outside of each respective shoulder width
Ensure that both feet point outwards at 30 degrees
To avoid rounding your back, keep your shoulders retracted (pulled back) and down
The backswing (lowering movement) resembles the motion of sitting back on a chair instead of squatting
Keep your shoulders from going in front of your knees
Pop forward forcefully until you can’t contract your glutes anymore

According to Tim Ferris, all that’s required is one workout of 75 straight reps, 2-3 times a week.

Why Does Tim Ferris Think Kettlebells Swings Are King?

Ferris has found that through this movement alone that without grinding aerobics or limits on food intake, he’s seen tremendous fat loss results. Furthermore, the movement drastically strengthens the posterior chain, making you virtually bulletproof from the base of your skull down to your Achilles.

Most specifically, kettlebell swings shape the perfect glutes if you’re into aesthetics. And, if you’re into sports and performance, swings make your hips explosive.   

The sessions generally only last 15-20 minutes, and a single kettlebell doesn’t even cost a fraction of a gym membership.

That’s both an efficient use of your time and money.

If you can’t call them the king of the exercises, kettlebell swings at least have a seat at the round table.

What do you think? Are kettlebells swings king to you, or maybe just a single facet of a more comprehensive workout plan?

Either way, at Fringe Sport, you can find all the kettlebells you need and check out even more kettlebell workouts here.

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