Best Kettlebell Workout from the Fringe

Greetings Fringe Nation. 

Today we're bringing you the best kettlebell workout you can find.

Actually, we're feeling generous, so we're gifting you three, courtesy of our Fringe fanatic, comrade and colleague, Joseph. 

We want to highlight Joseph because whenever he shows up at our gym he jolts it with kettlebell workout energy. 

Plus, he's got his workouts down, not just to a science, but also a symphony. 

Joseph's kettlebell flows prove quite rhythmic and entrancing at times. 

I love kettlebell work too. There's just something about the natural movements and motions they allow you to do. 

Plus, they just look cool AF too. 

Without further ado, check out Joseph groovin' his kettlebell workouts and hitting his flow state at our gym here at Fringe HQ in Austin.


Here's another kettlebell flow workout with a single kettlebell to change it up a bit. 


For the finishing touch, here's a great kettlebell flow that works in some bodyweight exercises adding fresh wrinkles.


We're not blowing hot air here about how much we love our kettlebells at Fringe HQ. So much so, that we've gotten an entire new line of them in- Hell's Bells

Hell's Bell Skull Kettlebell

If you want a touch of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tremors, The Hills Have Eyes or maybe even No Country for Old Men in your workout, you've found it!

Did we say we got 2 new lines of kettlebells in? Well, we are now. 

This is for our most loyal Fringe Fanatics that have made it to the depths of our blog post. Here's some insider info for you. Look for this brand new bad boy coming online here this Monday. 

Prime Kettlebell in garage

Enjoy your kettlebell flows, workouts and don't the belle of the ball!

Let us know what you think of Joseph's kettlebell flow workouts in the comments below, or better yet, share your workouts with us. We want to see you all throwing your Fringe kettlebells around. 

Be awesome Fringe Nation!

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