Can You Build a DIY Outdoor Gym Like a Primal Woodsman?

Can you build a DIY outdoor gym like a primal woodsman, yea or nay?

What's up Fringe Nation?

I found this video not long ago, and have been wanting to share it. 

It's been wildly popular on YouTube with 17 million+ views in 6 months.


Let's be honest though. 

Did this guy really know how to build this?

Or was he hired by a company to create this video?

I doubt the authenticity of this video, but it still makes an entertaining watch.

Here's the lowdown. 

The woodsman builds his own weightlifting equipment out of nothing. Nothing being bamboo, twine, and clay. 

He builds dumbells, bench, barbells, bumpers and more.

The treadmill he built cracked me up!

What do you think? Why is this video so crazy popular? Do you think the gear will be effective?

I can't imagine many people going out into the jungle to replicate the project. 

Tell us what you think makes this DIY outdoor gym video so sticky and entertaining. 

Better yet, if you've built anything similar please do tell and share. We want to see how you get jungle buff. 

This guy definitely lifted himself above the ordinary, I'll say that. 

Hope you're doing the same today. Stay awesome and have a great day!


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