DAY 4 | Fear The Walking Octopus

Recap: As you may have noticed, we’re a bit different here at Fringe, and in keeping with this theme, we’ve decided to provide you with cool octopus facts over the next 8 days leading up to the release of something very special & TOP SECRET 🤫...

Fact #4 Yup, Octopuses Walk on Land

If you're not terrified enough from our last posts, know this: octopuses can walk on land. 

Yes, that’s right. They slither from tidal pool to tidal pool in search of an easy meal. And sometimes they’ve even been known to emerge from the sea in unison.

Back in 2017, a dolphin-watching group in Wales spotted 20-30 octopuses flailing from the sea crawling through the shore headed for civilization and scientists STILL cannot explain the phenomenon. 

Even though scientists can’t explain why some octopuses are driven from the sea (aside from hunting), they do know that octopuses were the first animals to walk on two limbs without a hard skeleton. Pretty crazy, eh? 

So you may be saying to yourself by now, so what? It’s not like they can run…

Wrong. They can and do. 

Take Middlebury College researcher Alexa Warburton’s testimony for example, "Some (octopuses) would let themselves be captured, only to use the net as a trampoline. They'd leap off the mesh and onto the floor — and then run for it. Yes, run. You'd chase them under the tank, back and forth, like you were chasing a cat… It's so weird!"

So the next time you get a knock at the door late at night, and you open it hearing, "Do you have time to talk about Cthulhu?"

You might have a big problem on your hands.

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