Fringe Sport Halloween: Werewolf in the Warehouse

“Take that, you monster!” Peter Keller, CEO of Fringe Sport, attacked the giant hairy werewolf with a Wonder Bar as he ran through the gym.

The hairy monster with dripping fangs turned and roared, charging towards Peter.

Peter turned, saw the wall balls, and hurled them at the monster’s head.  One after the other, the balls found their target and knocked the creature senseless.  As it stumbled around, roaring in pain, Peter ran towards the retail store to find a phone and call the police.

As he ran, he racked his brain to make sense of why a werewolf would be in a Fringe Sport store. When he finally reached the phone the ugly monster was pawing through the warehouse knocking bumper plates and bars willy and nilly.  Peter shouted in surprise and the werewolf turned toward him.


He heard a howl and turned in time to see the werewolf galloping toward him, white fangs bared and claws outstretched. Peter swung over the counter, trying to find a weapon.

Suddenly his hands landed on a kettlebell. He knew this could be it – his saving grace. Backing up against the wall, he waited for the creature to get within range. He hefted the kettlebell in his best two-handed swing stance, took careful aim and…BAM!

After trussing the creature with a speed rope, Peter stood by and waited for the police to arrive. As he studied the monster closer, he realized the clawed hands and hairy feet were nothing but a costume.  He started to reach down just as a knock on the door sounded.

Peter hurried to the door and let the police in. As he led them to where the werewolf lay, he explained what happened and how he discovered it was a person in a costume.

The police walked to the now deflated werewolf struggling on the floor.  The police lifted him up and Peter walked over, grabbed the mask on the not-so-scary monster, and ripped it off his head.

A sullen face appeared.  Peter asked the now beheaded creature, “Who are you and what were you doing in my warehouse?”

The angry wannabe monster said nothing.  Peter noticed a zipper on the front of the costume and jerked it down.  An Amazon shirt came into view.  “A SPY!” Peter exclaimed, “You were here to spy on our products!”

The spy sneered, “ I had to figure out why your company is doing so good and growing so fast! And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for you meddlin’ around while I was in your warehouse.”

Peter sat straight up in bed, breathing hard.  “What the heck? Monsters? Wall ball ammo?  An Amazon Spy?”  He shook his head, trying to clear it.

“That settles it – no more Scooby Doo episodes while eating candy corn – Who knows what I’ll dream next – Scooby snacks with Shaggy and the gang?!”


Happy Halloween from Fringe Sport!



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