Garage Gym Feature: Jason Montgomery

Get to Know Garage Gym-er Jason Montgomery

Hi, my name's Jason Montgomery. I've been in the Army for 20 years. I've been all over the world. Been deployed three times, the Middle East three combat tours I live in Austin, Texas. I'm a realtor here and I do a lot of business with Fringe Sport and it's a great relationship, I really like their products.

"I train to sustain I don't train for aesthetics. I train to be ready to go all the time"

Jason's Weightlifting Style

My weightlifting style is based on need, not speed. Practicality and functionality, I train to sustain I don't train for aesthetics. I train to be ready to go all the time when my job and tells me to do so.

Jason's Training Level

It could always be better but that's why I have a gym in my garage so I'm always working at it and I'm always improving my position and like whether it's at my garage gym or out there a soldier, a realtor, or person.

Equipment in Jason's Garage Gym

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Jason's Garage Gym

This is a work in progress of at least 18 months a manager at Fringe Sport, great guy he wanted me to leave his name out of this for confidentiality but you can find it there anytime he said "Why don't you try this because you're not having the results you want with that," and I started with a pull-up bar which as you can see over there was the genesis of my garage gym and now it's evolved into the...what you see now a functional garage of everything you need, it's practical and tactical.

Next Piece of Equipment Jason's Eyeing

Next piece of equipment, well if I had a bigger garage, next piece is probably the better bench I go get me a Fringe bench.

Jason's Tips for Building His Garage Gym

Yes, call me I'll come out there and do a free consultation and help you get where you need to be. I mean it not just as a realtor, but as a person. I like helping people.

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