Garage Gym Feature: Mark Aldaco

Get to Know Garage Gym-er Mark Aldaco

My name's Mark Aldaco, I'm 36 years old currently a fireman, ex-military, spent nine years in. Right now just focus on working out, staying fit. I try to change it up a little bit. A little bit more general weightlifting but I try to try and a little bit of CrossFit to change up our routines and maybe focus on muscle strength.

Mark's Favorite Workout

My go-to workout? I've been focusing on doing muscle ups that's just a really tough exercise and if I can master that, I think I'm doing alright.

Equipment in Mark's Garage Gym

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medicine ball

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Mark's Garage Gym

So basically, we knew we were going to need a home and we knew finances were gonna be a big deal, so my wife and I decide to invest in our home and a gym. We started putting it together, linked up with some guy from Fringe named Nick and he's helped me out. He sat down and he said okay, "What do you need?" and he sat down with me and started getting things piece by piece by piece.

Whenever we come in here we hang stuff on the walls that motivates us, as you can see you have the Wonder Woman which is my wife and the Superman and the three four three represents 343 firefighters that passed away on 9/11 and then I used to be a soldier so it's right there, and there's UT Longhorns and of course, our great country on the wall.

Who Works Out in Mark's Garage Gym

Myself, my wife, Alessia, 28 weeks expecting. She's still hanging in there. And occasionally, we get our eleven-year-old daughter here. You know a couple sets and she's done.

Favorite Piece of Equipment in Mark's Gym

My favorite piece would have to be the rack. You know, I can get my benching done, my pull-ups that I'm trying to achieve. My dream piece to be, this is all I could afford, as far as the rack. But my dream piece would be like that whole cage that I can get more use out of it.

Mark's Tips for Building His Garage Gym

Basically, I would go with whatever you're lifting, what your style is and then you can go from there. Whether you need dumbbells, whether you need kettlebells, what you do. Obviously, I like to do pull-ups and bench and not limiting yourself but knowing what you can and can't get and go from there.

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