Garage Gym of the Week: David Fells

What’s your name? David Fells

How old are you? 35

Do you have an IG handle or website you’d like linked? My new blog is in progress!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Just another weakling trying to get stronger.

How would you describe your training style? Strongman primarily, a bit of powerlifting, a little CrossFit

How would you describe your fitness/strength level, currently? I wouldn’t. It’s terrible!

What are your fitness/strength goals? Log clean and press 405 is the big one!

Describe your garage gym. I have an elevated space in the back of my 2 car garage that’s about 9’ deep (we extended it by 1’ using concrete blocks) and 24’ across. Covered it with stall mat and packed as much in as possible! I keep it well organized so I fit a lot of goodies in there. The emphasis is on equipment that provides a lot of bang for my buck and allows me to train for whatever I’m doing.

Who works out in your garage gym? Mostly just me, sometimes I have other people join for Strongman training

Why did you build a garage gym? No local gyms with the gear I want, plus I like having my own space where I can keep all my random goodies

What’s your favorite piece of equipment in your garage? My strongman log

What piece of equipment was a waste? Swiss bar. I never use it. Should’ve bought a football bar or a ZEE Press bar.

What’s the next piece of equipment you’re going to get? A 17” stone mold to make some 250# atlas stones.

Any dream piece of equipment? An oak Slater’s log from WSM

How did you build your garage gym? (All at once, craigslist over a few years, etc.) Combination of gym closings, barter, Craigslist bargains, and haggling/sale shopping with retailers

Do you have any tips for anyone else looking to build a garage gym? Be patient. You can get more done than you probably think with a bar, a simple rack, and some plates. Skip the gimmicks and unitaskers.

WATCH: Garage Gym Tour - 3-4 years of assembling to get here. Always more on the list but at this point I consider it pretty comprehensive for my needs.


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