Garage Gym of the Week: Samantha Wojo

Get to Know Garage Gym-er Samantha Wojo

This week's Garage Gym of the Week is Samantha Wojo. At 26, she is a military wife and mom of three. She figure skated for 10 years and played soccer, but after having 3 kids in 3 years she decided something needed to change. She then started her home gym and through hard work and dedication lost 60 pounds!

Although I worked out my whole last pregnancy and was very strong and healthy, a hernia from labor set me back basically be the beginning. When I first started my weight loss journey in June last year I was SO out of shape. Now I am stronger than I have ever been! I would say I am experienced!

You can follow her on Instagram @herecomethewojos or checkout her blog here at

Samantha's Style

"My training style is CrossFit and HIIT. I use KeeloFit programming for conditioning and strength to work on my Olympic lifts"

Samatha's Garage Gym

"My favorite thing about my Gym is probably my amazing mats, my barbells, and speed rope dumbbell. I use that stuff the most!"
Next she is looking to purchase some dumbbells and kettlebells and her dream equipments incldues an Assault Bike or Concept 2 Rower.
"I have wanted to add them since 2017 when I first got my garage gym.. but since we are a one income family they’ve been sacrificed.. for now. I’m still dreaming of the day I get one .. or both of those! "

Equipment in Samantha's Garage Gym

Wonder bar

Sold out
medicine ball

Sold out
medicine ball

Sold out

Why Samantha Built Her Garage Gym

"I built a garage gym because I was tired of waiting for friends to workout with, tired of scheduling my fitness and workouts around everyone else.. my husbands schedule is the furthest thing from consistent, and I hated waiting for him to get home to be able to go workout. We live far from family because he’s military, so having babysitters or help is rare."

Samantha's Tips for Others Building Their Own Garage Gym

"Any tips would be price match and wait and watch for sales! Or start with a dumbbell and speed rope and build as you grow and go. You’ll find out what you want, need, and use most!!"

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