Garage Gyms and Kettlebells

Hey Fringers! It's Peter here again and finally I am back in my garage gym, so we've got my rig behind me, my bars on the wall, got my kids hanging out, trying to sell beverages to the neighbors. So, really happy to be home. I'm actually taking off in a day or two to The Crossfit Games and if you guys are gonna be at The Games, I'm only gonna be there Friday night, so feel free to text me if you wanna meet up or possibly catch a WOD or something like that. My personal mobile is (512) 423-6275, so love to get together with any and all Fringers that are there.

But, anyways talking a little bit about the sale of the week.

The sale is on kettlebells and kettlebells are actually one of the first products that we brought in for Fringe and it's a training implement that I really, really like and have used over the years, so I'm gonna show you one of my personal kettlebells here. So, there's an artist here in Austin, named Connie Arismendi and in addition to doing sculptures and that sort of thing, she also does art on kettlebells.

So, this is a custom kettlebell that she made for me years and years ago and one of the things about that kettlebell is that it's got Icarus on the bell because for whatever reason, I've often personally identified with Icarus. Icarus rising or whatever. I feel like I'm always striving just at the edge of my abilities and every now and then I get knocked down. Of course, I get back up and Icarus, I guess, didn't get back up.

Quick side note, not that it really matters, I was doing some research on the Icarus myth and a number of scholars actually think that rather than the Icarus and Daedalus, his father crafting wings out of wax and feathers that the wings were actually a metaphor for ships that they built. Like, maybe it's based on a true story and there were these two gentlemen, you know, imprisoned on an island and then they built ships and somehow Icarus damaged his mast and his sail and that's where you get kind of, him flying too close to the sun and the wings falling apart and then of course him falling to his death.

Anyways, back to the point, we're doing 10 to 20% off kettlebells this week and our kettlebells are really awesome. Right now, we're only doing them in kilogram sizes, but that's a really common thing for kettlebells. For me personally, I am a big fan of just a 16 kg kettlebell for really easy male warmups and then for actually working out, I usually personally use a 24 or 32 kilo kettlebell. So, I do a lot of my workouts with 32 kilo kettlebells, about 70 pounds and lately, I've been doing a lot of farmer's walks and that sort of thing with the 70s.

So, if you wanna do a really great warmup exercise

and you don't know about the programming necessarily on this, but one of the things that I do is I do 21, 15, 9 of snatches, just going arm to arm. Basically I'll start with my left arm with a 16 kilo kettlebell and then do 21 snatches and then 21 snatches with the right arm and then 15 with the left, 15 with the right, 9 with the left, 9 with the right and that's a really great warmup that I really enjoy. So, something else that I enjoy doing with the 24 kilo kettlebell is there's a 10,000 swing challenge to do 10,000 kettlebell swings in a month and I've not ever done that. I don't know if I ever will, but you typically break that up into 500 swings per workout and the way you do 500 swings per workout is you do 20, 30, 50. So, you do 20 swings and then rest, 30 swings and then rest, 50 swings and then rest and it's pretty brutal on the forearms, especially because you're really working that grip strength. So, that's something that you can definitely try out.

So again, we're doing 10 to 20% off Kettlebells at FringeSport. Feel free to pop by and check them out, if you're gonna be at The Games hit me up. If you like what we're putting out in terms of content, if you're watching this on YouTube, just go ahead boom boom boom, hit subscribe below and if you leave us a comment and if you like what we're doing in email form, you know, tell a friend and I also am sending this from I respond to all emails. You know, hit me up, let me know what's going on and oh sorry, one other thing, we've got a whole new slate of barbells coming down the pipe. They, as I record this right now, are not on the site, but if you're really interested in checking out some new high-end barbells, hit me up with an email.

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