Garage Gyms for Beginners: Start HERE!

If you're new to the Garage Gym World, we know it can be quite overwhelming when deciding where to start, what equipment to buy, what size bumper plates you might need, etc. We're here to help and provide you with The Ultimate Garage Gym Package so we can take that load off of your shoulders and you can put it on your back in your own garage or home gym for gains instead of stressing over the details. Plus, this package is ON SALE for under $1,000 this week only - that's over $250 in savings!! (9/20/21-9/27/21).

Why this is the perfect package

The Ultimate Garage Gym Package is literally the perfect package for someone looking to get a start on their home gym equipment and set up. We've included an amazing squat rack, a 20kg bushing barbell, and 160lbs of our best-selling Milspec bumper plates. We've taken some of the dirty work out of finding the best option for you and your garage gym and made it simple in this package.

The best-selling equipment details

The Squat Rack: Garage Series Squat Cage

This is an AMAZING squat rack for beginners, advanced garage gymmers, and everyone in between. It comes with safety spotter arms included so you can go heavy during a solo sesh without worry, and as a beginner this provides great peace of mind. No need to worry about snagging a spotter!

This rack also features dual-diameter pull-up bars (one standard 1.25" bar and one "fat" 2" diameter bar) so you can work on grip strength or regular pull-ups.

Our Garage Series Squat Cage in this package also comes with UHMW-lined J-cups so you can rack your bar and protect it, too. Plus, there are conveniently-placed weight horns at the back of the rack so you can store your bumper plates and weigh-down your rack for extra stability without bolting your rack to the floor.

This rack is perfect for smaller spaces, like small garages, a designated workout shed, or basement gym. The footprint sits at a compact 4ft x 4ft design, and 2"x2" uprights so you can easily find amazing accessories to attach over time.

The Barbell: 20kg Bushing Wonderbar

One of our all-time best sellers, and for good reason. The bushing Wonderbar is perfect for Garage Gym Revolutioners looking to move some weight, and is the best barbell for beginners. If you're new to the Garage Gym World, this is the barbell that will absolutely work best for you. It covers all the ground for barbell movements, and while it isn't great for specializing in powerlifting or Olympic Weightlifting, it will provide great workouts with powerlifting and Oly lifts included.

Plus, this barbell is covered in sleek black zinc and will serve almost everyone well. That's why we've included it in The Ultimate Garage Gym Package... because it's perfect for any Garage Gym workout.

The Bumper Plates: 160lb Milspec Package (10/25/45)

Our Milspec bumper plates are seriously badass and meant to last. They're so durable because they're built to fit the exact tolerances of the US Army & standards for the Army Combat Fitness Test. They're used in the harshest of environments, so we can guarantee they'll perform well and hold up in your garage gym.

The 160lb set in this package is great for beginners because we provide a set of 10lb plates (which can & SHOULD be dropped!!), a set of 25s, and a set of 45s. This is more than enough to start with if you're brand new, and can easily be supplemented with other bumper plates over time for more weight and more gains.

Get yourself The Ultimate Garage Gym Package

Let us take the stress out of getting yourself a whole set of garage gym gear, and go for The Ultimate Garage Gym Package (especially while it's on HUGE SALE!) - like over 20% off sale! You're worth it, and once you've gone for it, you'll never look back. It's only up & more gains from here.

If you have questions about The Ultimate Garage Gym Package, send us a message on our site and we'll be happy to help.

As always, lift heavy, lift happy, and save some $$!

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