How to Find the Best Bench for You

So, Fringe Fam, you've decided to get a bench.  You've done the reading and the research and you know it will help move you to the next level.

So let's break it down and look at al the options.  And speaking of options - how on earth are you supposed to pick the best one for you, your goals, and your space?  There are SO many choices!

So how do you figure out what would be the best for your bod - and your budget?

Here are Fringe's Top 6 Things To Consider When Buying a Bench

What Can You Spend?

We've all heard the saying "you get what you pay for" - and this is very true when it comes to gym equipment.  Of course you have to determine what you can spend - do you have unlimited funds?  Can you put the grocery budget towards a bench?  Or do you need to start on a lower end and get a good bench for a good price?  When you look at both what you need (versus what you want) and what kind of bench you can get within your budget, you might find that you don't need a fancy bench that does the lifting for you. Instead, you can get a basic bench that does the trick to get the gainz!

How Big Is Your Space?

Some benches seem as big as a Corvette, while others feel the size of a VW. What kind of parking spot do you have in your gym for a bench?  Are you able to have a bigger one or do you need it to be smaller so that you can move around and not bruise the shins?  Definitely check your space and make sure you know the size of the bench you want to have.  And that leads us to what to think about next.

Does It Need To Move?

Do you need your bench to have wheels?  Or can it be stationary?  There are even some benches that fold up and can store in a smaller space.  Also, when you make the decision on whether it should move, there are benches that can store vertically to give you even more space. in the garage gym. Take a hard look at your garage gym to determine what you need to make the most of the space.

What Are You Doing?

Okay - I know - don't say "lifting - duh!" - we know that. But what we mean is - are you doing only bench presses?  Are you planning to use it for other exercises?  Do you plan on using it with dumbbells to do flys or even curls?  Depending on what you plan to use the bench for in your gym, you may need to consider our next question very carefully.

Do You Want Flat Or Adjustable?

Like we said above, the basic flat bench can usually do the trick and will help you do to any and all workouts you need. But there might be a time when you find that you want an adjustable bench that you can move to various positions. Using the bench in a flat position can, of course, allow you to bench your personal best or even use the bench in place of a plyo box (double duty!).  But if you raise the bench up to a more upright position, you can do some arm work and get those muscles working in ways you never imagined.

How Comfy Do You Want To Be?

Granted, this last question is more of a vanity question more than anything, but still something to consider.  Are you good with the thin-as-paper, "my pappy didn't need a thick pad" bench?   Or would you like to be able to sleep on the bench in case you have too many in-laws at the house? Either way, you can always find the bench that meets the need.  Thicker pads are fairly popular and give you comfort to go bigger and badder without your backside wearing out first!

Of course, you can also consider the fabric type (is it grippy or slippy?) and how much weight will it hold (some go up to 1000 pounds!), but those can be secondary - or thirdary or even fourthdary - to the above questions.

So bench your way to happiness with some research on benches and find the one that you will love for years to come!

If you have questions about what bench is right for you , the ears are always open at Fringe Sport and you can shout out to customer service at to get all your questions answered.

Have you found your favorite bench?  Let us know what it is in the comments below.

And - as always, Fringe Fam - Lift Heavy Lift Happy!


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