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by Peter Keller
Wow, we got a lot of great feedback from last week's "I bought a unicycle email" aka Fringe Sport stands behind our customers.

And also 26 people unsubscribed. Whoops. But really, click that unsub link at the bottom if you don't like these emails. You won't hurt my feelings. Much.

One quick note before we get into the meat of this email. Do you own a box? Do you want us to feature you on our blog (and possibly a future podcast)? Schedule a call with me here: https://calendly.com/peter-keller/30-minute-call

Now for something completely different.

I'm kicking off a month of travel in Sept-October. I'll be all over the world, working on myself, our business, and of course, our equipment.

When we founded Fringe Sport, our plan was simple: Great equipment at a great price with world class customer service

And that's what we strive to deliver today.

Here's how we produce great equipment:
  • Better products through data: We constantly prototype before bringing a product to market, then iterate after the product hits the market to improve, improve, improve. We collect data on usage and failure rates to identify and correct weak points.

  • Best reviews: We have the most reviews on bumper plates in the world.We trust our customers to share with us what they think about our products, and we mine our reviews for product improvements. We do not filter our reviews to manipulate the "star ratings."

  • “We think about it so you don’t have to”: We are the experts in equipment- so you don't need to be

  • “It just works”: This is the gold standard. We are constantly trying to simplify our designs so they are intuitive and using them is second nature for you

  • Best warranty: We back up our designs with the best warranty in the world. For example, up to 3 years on bumper plates, including commercial use!

  • Best information: This one is a work in progress- we want to bring you the best information in the world on our products
What do you think?

Hit reply if we can help with sales or service, and hit me at peter@fringesport.com if there is anything I can help you with.


Peter Keller
Peter Keller