Is it all about the $$?

Written 11:56 AM, Tuesday in a friend's backyard in Boulder, CO

I'm relaxing in the sun in Boulder today. We're thinking about opening a Fringe Sport retail location up here and you could say I am scouting.

We're interested in many things that Colorado has to offer...

Mostly community, and location. We'll be able to add to the local community and ship faster and more conveniently to our West coast (don't you dare say Best Coast) customers.

I'll keep you posted on how things shake out. And if you are in Denver/Boulder and want to help out, shoot me an email -

Now on to the sale.

We're trying something new this week- everything on the site is on sale. Whelp, except for that mysterious rower.

If you order anything, take 5% off with code 5OFF. If you order over $500, take 10% off with code 10OFF

The deal ends Sunday, so press that trigger.

But what about Black Friday specials?

Well, we'll be announcing some of the Black Friday deals later today here, but  if you order now, we'll ship before our Black Friday order crush. While we are slaving away shipping like mad, you'll be getting swole and working off that apple pie.

So shop now for a great deal and fast shipping.



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