Isolating that beautiful bicep with the Bicep Blaster

Hey guys! Peter from Fringe here. I've been working out my show muscles today and I'm happy to have been doing so because I get to play with the Bicep Blaster.

So what's a Bicep BlasterNo, it's not some weird sex thing. Get your mind out of the gutter. What this is for, is to isolate your biceps. Let's imagine that you're doing some bicep curls with the bar. You know you're like thinking about the beach, looking fine for all those honey's. When it starts getting a little difficult. so you're leaning it all around you're getting all sorts of weird English on the bar. It's the Bicep Blaster that doesn't let you do any of that. It makes sure to isolate that beautiful bicep that you know the girls are gonna be all over. So let's see it in action. Gonna take it like this, hook it up. Make sure that you're getting that bicep isolation. I'm gonna do this with a standard Oly bar although of course you can use whatever bar you want.

Boom! Oh yes! Sexy! Amazing! Beach body!

This has been Peter from Finge Sport demoing the Bicep Blaster. Yeah buddy!

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