(Lag) Screw You! Or, what screws to use to install your pull-up rig, retractable squat rack, or pull-up bar to a wall or ceiling

TVs are cheap these days. I went on Amazon, and I found a HUGE flat screen TV for $200.

But things weren't always like this.

15 years ago, big, flat screen TVs were EXPENSIVE. Think thousands of dollars.

And they were NEW and SHINY. Only the cool kids had them.

cool dudes know how to install pull-up rigs

And the coolest thing to do was to install one into the wall.

I know we do this all the time these days, but back in the day, this was a novel idea.

There was just one problem.

People were not used to hanging a 30 pound item off their wall.

That can be a BIG problem.

You see, most walls are made of drywall floated on studs.

Your walls look solid, right?

Well, the wood studs behind them are solid wood, and structurally sound.

But the drywall on top of them is mostly gypsum... aka chalk.

gym chalk - great for your hands, terrible for holding UP your pull-up rig

Would you trust that to hold up a TV?

Well, some people did.

And then this happened.

tv mounted to drywall- never mount a pull-up rig like this

It's kinda funny...

When it happens to someone else.

But what's not funny is when a pull-up bar or squat rack fails... because it wasn't installed properly into studs.

It's not that hard to do the installation properly, but you need two things:

  1. A stringer (more on that here)
  2. Lag screws

What are lag screws?

Lag screws are sturdy fasteners used to connect lumber in applications that must bear a high load.

Lag screw for pull-up rig installation

In other words, Lag Screws are what you should use to install a pull-up rig, retractable squat rack, or pull-up bar into wood.

Lag screws holding a stringer for a pull-up rig to a wall

When you are installing a pull-up rig, retractable squat rack, or pull-up bar into wood, we recommend:

  • You use a stringer to increase structural strength. We usually recommend a 2"x4", 2" x 6", 2" x 8", or 2" x 10" stringer depending on the application
  • Use 3/8" x 5" lag screws + washers to install the stringer into your studs
  • Use 1/2" x 2" lag screws + washers to install your pull-up rig, retractable squat rack, or pull-up bar into the stringer

You use shorter lag screws to install into the stringer since the stringer is thinner than the studs you are going into.

Also note that "lag screws" are also called "lag bolts" or just plain "lags" by some people.

Lag screws, lag bolts, or lags are all the same thing- just different names.

Lag screw or lag bolt for pull-up rig installation

How do I use lag screws?

To use lag screws, you drill a pilot hole that is slightly smaller in diameter than the screw width. Then use a ratchet to fully tighten the screw down. Don't forget your washer!

Where can I get lag screws?

Any home improvement store will have them, or Amazon (3/8" x 5" lag screws | 1/2" x 2" lags)

Okay, how do I install a pull-up rig, retractable squat rack, or pull-up bar?

From pull-up rigs, to retractable squat racks, to pull-up bars and more, Fringe Sport has the pull-up rigs (sometimes called "CrossFit Rigs") and squat racks you need- check us out! 

better your tv than your wall mount pull-up rigThat's all folks! 

Any questions? Or just want to share a pic of your installed rig? Hit us in the comments below, email us at team@fringesport.com, or call us 512.201.4404.

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