King Midas has come for revenge... all about the Midas' Revenge Bar from Fringe Sport

What's goin' on, Fringe Fam?!

We’re so happy to have
finally launched our newest beauty (& beast) of a barbell, The Midas’ Revenge Bar.

midas bar fringe sport

This 20KG barbell has been in the works over here at Fringe Sport for quite some time, and we spent tedious hours perfecting it and making it the BEST general lifting power bar you’ll have ever come across (trust us on this one).

Who is this bar for?

fringe sport midas barbell


This beauty was truly designed with our Fringe Fam in mind, as we said in our last blog. The Midas' Revenge barbell is a multi-use bar that looks incredible and is guaranteed to last for life. Yes, for LIFE. Like, this could and should be the family heirloom you pass down to your family like a King would pass down his crown.

Our newest bar is best for those who love to lift heavy, have big goals for their gainz, and work hard. It’s also for those that love a sexy barbell to have in their arsenal and show off to their friends.

What is this bar for?

fringe sport midas bar


The Midas’ Revenge Bar was designed for power lifts, like squatting, benching, and deadlifting. There’s little whip, 190k PSI, and a 1,500lb weight limit on this baby. That means that this bar is strong enough for a literal gorilla to lift on (gorillas can lift about 2.5 times the world record of a human lift). This beast of a bar is built for strength, durability, and to allow you to pick things up and put them down while using a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing barbell while you’re at it.

Just because it’s built as a power bar doesn’t mean that it isn’t great for other lifts like Oly lifts and CrossFit WODs.

We chose a 28.5mm diameter for the shaft of the Midas’ Revenge Bar because it sits between the typical 29/30mm power bar standard and the typical 28mm Olympic lifting diameter. This means that Oly lifts and power lifts are doable and comfortable with this bar.

What can I do with the Midas’ Revenge Bar?

fringe sport midas bar
So, yes, we’ve designed this bar as a power bar, but we’ve also designed it to be durable and usable for other faster lifts. The Midas’ Revenge Bar is built with aerospace-grade bushings (literally bushings used in airplanes) for ultra-smooth rotation that’s predictable and moderate. It won’t spin too fast, it won’t spin too slow.

This bar is perfect for slow lifts (bench, deadlift, squat) because it doesn’t have a huge whip and like we’ve mentioned above, the spin is moderate and controllable, but smooooooth as heck.

The knurling on this barbell is a beautiful aggressive pyramid knurling that’s toned down and coated in a sleek black Cerakote, so it’ll lock your hands in place when you need it most without tearing up and cheese-grating your hands. The Midas’ Revenge Bar doesn’t have a center knurl for ultimate comfort in your squats and to leave your shin skin fully intact during your heavy deadlifts.

Ultimately, you can do anything you’d like to with the Midas’ Revenge Bar. It’ll work best for slow lifts, but it’ll still perform like a king for others as well. Whatever you get up to in your garage gym, the Midas’ Revenge Barbell should be a part of it.

What is Cerakote, and what are those gorgeous gold sleeves covered in?

fringe sport barbell with gold sleeves


Ahhh, Cerakote. We love it. It’s sleek, it’s durable as all get out, and we cover some of our barbells in it so we can guarantee that your bar will be good for life. You know, heirloom status.

Cerakote is a ceramic-based finish that can be applied to metals (like our barbells), plastics, polymers and wood. Cerakote makes a highly effective barrier against oxidation and corrosion. People living in marine environments or on a coast find this advantageous. Cerakote also helps defend against excess sweat and extremely hot and dusty environments as well.

Cerakote was originally developed for the military for firearms application, Cerakote protects against corrosion resistance, enhances impact strength (so you can drop your Midas’ Bar all. Day. long.), and chemical resistance in the most extreme conditions worldwide. If the US military uses Cerakote in the harshest conditions in the world, then you bet it’s what’s on our Midas’ Revenge barbell.

Our beautiful, shiny gold sleeves of the Midas’ Revenge Bar are covered in something special. Instead of zinc covered sleeves like our other barbells, we knew this bar had to have sleeves covered in something different. Something tough, something shiny, something durable.

The Midas’ Revenge Bar has sleeves covered in gold-colored titanium nitride. Titanium nitride is usually gold in color, and is known for its practical properties like super high hardness, resistance against corrosion, heat resistance, and excellent resistance against wear. This coating was a no-brainer for our Midas’ Revenge Bar. We wanted to build a barbell fit for a king, and not to toot our own horns… but we did that.

Get yourself a Midas’ Revenge Bar

fringe sport barbell with gold sleeves


...and get ready for massive gainz. Gainz as good as gold, some might say. If you have any questions at all about our brand new barbell, let us know in the comments below or send us a message. We love talking about all things Midas and can’t wait to help you get your hands on your very own Midas' Revenge Bar.

As always, lift heavy, lift like a king, and make everything you touch turn to gainz ;)

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