Notre Dame and Barbells

Hey guys, Peter from Fringe Sport here again. It's about 2:12 pm, I'm in Paris. That's Notre Dame right there. Then the Seine [river], I don't know, I’m not French (in reference to the pronunciation) right behind me and this is another edition of doing a vlog. I hoped to be doing it in a gym here in Paris that I drop into, but the schedule's just not permitted that. So the sale for this week is barbells and even though I've been out of the office for a little while now, I've still been working.

Barbells are one of those products that's just fundamental to what we do.

I mean we sell quite a few bumper plates and I'm really proud of what we've done with bumper plates, but barbells even more so, because we had a second product that we focused on rather than one place being our first product. (Police walked by behind Peter.) Just been eyed weird by the police walking by, I don't know what's up with that. Every tourist is walking around with a camera I don't know what's different about me.

Anyways, so back to barbells. One of the things that I've tried to do really well with barbells is produce a really durable, fun to lift on, just a bar that feels great in your hands, and deliver that a very aggressive and very low price. So when you look at our sale this week, which is 10% off barbells, it's actually in my opinion one of our better sales because you're starting to get a really great barbell at a really great price, regardless of which bar you're going with. Now we've got a few new developments coming down the pipe that I'm pretty excited about with barbells. For now, we still have a really great selection of bars. You start with our wonder bar, which it comes in under $200, especially with that 10% off, and that includes delivery. You can get it with bushings or with bearings, and to be honest if you're on the fence, do I need bushings or do I need bearings, just go with the bearings. It's $20 more, it's well worth it, you'll be happy if you're on the fence. A little more maintenance, but other than that, you know you're not really looking at anything serious.

Wonder bar, the thing that I started to do with the wonder bar was say,

"Let's produce the best barbell that's going to stand up to commercial box use, and also be great to lift on."

Because there are a lot of sub $200 barbells, maybe not a lot, there are a few sub $200 barbells out there that have some level of durability and could potentially be used in a box environment, but there are none to my knowledge, other than the wonder bar, sub $200 barbells that are actually fun to lift on. That members in a box would go and grab, because that's one of the ways that I tell, hey is this a good barbell, is I take it to one of our test gyms, tell the owners about it obviously, plop it in with the rest of their bars and see if the members grab it over and over and over again.

That's what happens with the wonder bar, is the members gravitate to it and grab it over and over and over again. So the wonder bar is actually going to be really great whether you're just WOD-ing with it or whether you're even doing Oly with it. It's going to be an awesome bar, again sub $200 including shipping. We next step up to our other main bar at this time, which is our Bomba bar. The Bomba bar is made in the USA, we're really proud of that, and it's a great hybrid bar. Right now we're only offering it in bushing, we're not offering it in a bearing, and it has a slightly thicker shaft diameter than the wonder bar. It also comes in an all black finish. So that's the Bomba bar, a great bar, little bit more expensive than the wonder bar, $50, $60 right in there, but you're getting made in the USA, you're getting a great hybrid bar. It's going to be good for anything that you want to do with it.

This has been Peter from Paris, I will let you know that I'll be back in the US in a few days, actually I'll be back in the US tomorrow as I mention this, and no matter where I am in the world the work goes on. Still trying to deliver better, awesome gear for your garage or for your box. This has been Peter from FringeSport. I hope that you are doing amazing, I've been having a good time but also working a lot while I'm on the road. I haven't laid a hand on a barbell for about five days, which is getting pretty antsy for me so if you are seeing this go put your hands on a barbell and do some violence on it for me. I'm Peter from Fringe signing out.


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