Our FIVE - Yes 5! - Favorite Kettlebell Workouts!

In case you haven't noticed, here at Fringe Sport, we love our kettlebells. And we want to pass along that love to you as well.  

Our mission is to help you improve your life through strength - and we know our kettlebells can play a large part in your fitness journey to improving your life!

So, because we're nothing, if not wonderful and helpful people here at Fringe, we wanted to give you some of the favorite kettlebell workouts from our very own Fringe Team members!  

Try one - or try them all - and be sure to tag us on Instagram - @fringesport - and tell us what workout you did and how you liked it!

Fringe Sport Five Favorite Kettlebell Workouts

1.   The Lauren

      Our very own Lauren Pettineo (@laceduplaurenp on Instagram) has a favorite kettlebell workout that anyone can do at home.   You time it for 20 minutes and you see how many times you can go through the cycle of 12 burpees, 12 kettlebell swings and 12 kettlebell squats.  Guys can use a 20kg kettlebell and gals can use a 10kg for their workout.

2.  The Larry

     Larry Thomas, one of our retail gurus, told me that he has a favorite workout he does with kettlebells as well.  And does it for time!   It's recommended for a 24kg KB for guys and 16kg for gals but you can choose what works for you.   The workout is 100 American kettlebell swings - and if you put the kettlebell down, you have to do 5 push ups, 10 sit ups and 15 air squats before you pick up the kettlebell to continue the swings.  Try to not set it down - those extra movements can make or break you, Larry says!

3.  The Shannon

     Shannon Vaughn is our other retail guru and she wanted to include her favorite workout too. She told me "it's not a normal exercise but it's effective!" and after seeing her video (that I've put in below) she is RIGHT!   Find the kettlebell you're most comfortable with and you are going to swing, then squat, then swing for 4 sets of 10.  So you'll do a swing, then squat with the KB, and then up to do another swing.  Phew - I'm tired just typing it!

 Fringe Sport Kettlebells

4.  The Coop

     That's right - everyone's favorite Garage Gym Reviewer shared his favorite kettlebell workout with this very blogger!  When asked for his favorite workout, he said "I love high rep goblet squats on an incline. The blood pump to the quads is RIGHTEOUS!"   He even shared a video to show us how to do it!  Be prepared to have a heart rate unlike any other after this workout!

Coop Garage Gym Reviews Fringe Sport Kettlebells


5.  The PK

     Finally, our very own PK, head honcho of Fringe, gave me his favorite workout.  Y'all - do you want to know what he named it?   "Death By Swings" - I kid you not!   It's why I left it til last - if you're gonna die, you needed to hear the other ones first!

     So what is "Death by Swings?" Here's what you do - you pick the size of kettlebell that works best for you.  24kg is aggressive for a guy - so use that size and adjust accordingly.  Then you pick an "accessory exercise" - PK said he chooses a jog of 200m.  You can do push-ups or squats or whatever floats your boat.   Then, in 4 reps, you do 12 swings, then your accessory workout, then 13 swings, accessory workout, 25 swings, accessory workout, 50 swings and accessory workout.  That totals 100 swings - you do that 4 times and it equals 400 swings - or death!  PK did say if you have the right size kettlebell you will be able to get all the way through the swings without sitting it down.  Or you may have this happen

Fringe Sport Kettlebells

 So there you have it - the five favorite workouts of the Fringe Fam - and our friends :-)   We would love to see what you do with our workouts - tag us on Instagram @fringesport and let us know what workout you chose and how you did!

Or let us know in the comments below what you think.

As always - Lift Heavy Lift Happy, Fringe Fam!

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