Rate my set-up? What about rate my results?

What’s happenin’ brothers and sisters of iron? We’re talking about what makes PK absolutely NUTS when building out a garage gym.

But first, let’s talk about the history of the Garage Gym Revolution. Back in 2005, a garage-gym-jurassic period occurred, and a movement of the garage gymmers began. The Garage Gym Revolution was born, and people started parking in their driveways to make way for their pain caves taking place in the garage. A photo or two might’ve been posted on their Facebook pages to show off their garage gym, but probably not. What was being built was a utilitarian, useful, functional space to workout in their garage.

Fast forward to about three years ago.

PK started to see posts on Instagram and other social media with a photo of a garage gym and the caption, “Rate my set-up.” When he saw that, all he could think was, “Rate my set-up? What about ‘Rate my results’”? He was looking for results instead - results of the transformation of a body, of a mind, of performance instead and though others should be too.

He let it go, but now he’s begun again to see it everywhere. And it drives him crazy.

The beginning of the Garage Gym Revolution started with the pain cave era, and it’s evolved into the man cave era instead.

A man cave used to be something that was in the basement of someone’s house. Maybe it featured a bar, a big screen tv, a giant couch, and somewhere to play video games and hang out. It was somewhere to escape their reality for just a little bit each day.

Now, the man cave has become the garage gym.

We often see garage gyms now that have big screen tvs, loud speakers, and fancy, flashy equipment that might be collecting a little bit of dust. (Not that this is a bad thing… read on.)

PK, standing in his garage gym, admits that his gym is a little bit utilitarian. It’s extremely pared down from what it could be, and probably contains about $4,000 worth of gear, even though he could have anything he wants in there. He's got a few barbells, a squat rack, a few dumbbells, and some kettlebells to throw around. That’s not a bad thing for PK because it allows him to get after it and go for the knitty gritty instead of the extraneous fluff in his workouts.

But, you’ll look at Instagram and other social media and see garage gyms outfitted with easily $10-15,000 worth of equipment and other items (can you say, overwhelming?). You might look a little bit deeper into these garage gyms, and wonder what that person is doing with all of that equipment. Sometimes, you might find that that person isn’t doing a whole lot with all of their equipment, and you might discover that it’s just for the “likes” and comments on their posts.

That’s the stuff that makes PK want to pull his hair out.

Don’t get us wrong. If you’ve got a beautiful, tricked out garage gym and you’re absolutely crushing it and getting after it in your workouts, giving your equipment the proper attention it deserves, we applaud you. You are OUR type of people.

If you’ve got a beautiful garage gym for the sole purpose of having a beautiful garage gym… come on bro.

PK is personally extending an invitation to you to lift with him. We’re also urging you to give it a try… fight mean old Mr. Gravity and give yourself the workout YOU deserve.

The best thing about a pain cave vs. a man cave is that you’ve got a garage gym, period. There’s hardly anything wrong with having a man cave garage gym. The only thing that’s wrong with having a man cave garage gym is if you’ve got it and you’re not utilizing it. (Which you can change today ;) )

If this cuts deep, and you feel like we’re talking to you, go out into your man cave, pick a barbell up and put it down a few times, and you’re well on your way to having yourself a pain cave disguised as a man cave.

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As always, lift heavy, lift happy :)

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