Replacement skis for prowler sleds - what are they for?

If you're a dedicated lifter, you're likely no stranger to gym sleds like the prowler sled and their versatile benefits. A sled is an essential tool for building strength, power, and conditioning. Whether you're an elite athlete or just getting into fitness, a sled can take your workouts to the next level.

In this article, we're going to dive deep into the world of what the skis/skids for your sled and explore their significance for your garage gym setup.

PK shows a plastic gym sled ski and a steel gym sled skid

The Standard Steel Ski for your Sled

Use sleds with steel skids on concrete and asphalt in an outdoor environment.

Most gym sleds come equipped with steel skids, which are usually powder-coated for durability. These steel skids offer exceptional versatility, allowing you to slide the sled across various surfaces, including concrete and asphalt. While sliding the sled on concrete or asphalt might scrape the skids, it shouldn't damage an outdoor concrete or asphalt surface. This makes steel skids an excellent choice for outdoor training on tough terrain.

The Plastic Skid Alternative

Use sleds with plastic skids on rubber gym matting, artificial turf, and polished concrete in an indoor environment.

Many sleds offer an upgrade to plastic skids. These plastic skids are particularly popular for those looking to protect their gym flooring. They provide a smooth glide that reduces friction and protects your floor. However, it's important to note that plastic skids are primarily designed for indoor use and synthetic surfaces. Their slippery nature can enhance the prowler sled experience on rubber or turf surfaces, enabling you to slide the sled with ease. Yet, using plastic skids on concrete or asphalt comes with a caveat.

Can you use plastic gym sled skis in an outdoor concrete enviroment?

Plastic sled skids are not a great option for use on concrete outdoors- they will wear away quickly.

Concrete is tougher than plastic, and as a result, plastic skids wear down quickly when subjected to constant friction on concrete or asphalt. In some indoor gyms with polished concrete floors, the plastic sled skids can last a long time- but in most outdoor applications, the roughness of the concrete or asphalt is such that the plastic will wear away quickly.

This brings us to an essential piece of advice: If you're considering using plastic skids on concrete or asphalt, be prepared to replace them frequently. The rigorous abrasion from these surfaces can significantly reduce the lifespan of plastic skids.

This sled HAD plastic skids and they wore completely away

Choosing the Right Replacement Skis for your gym sled

When it comes to replacement skis for your prowler sled, making an informed decision is key. If your training primarily involves outdoor concrete or asphalt surfaces, steel skids remain the robust and durable option.

On the other hand, if you're focused on indoor or synthetic surfaces like rubber or turf, plastic skids are best.

Ultimately, your choice of replacement skis should align with your training goals and the type of surfaces you'll be using your gym sled on.

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