Take my money

Have you ever done something, and after you did it, think:

I can't believe this was so cheap?

I'm lucky that I have a few things like this in my life, and after last weekend, I had another.

I attended Sumocon last weekend, and I paid $500 for the privilege of doing so.

It's an internet marketing/hustling conference.

The Con was great, but Noah Kagan gave the last speech.

He said, "Is everyone ready to hustle?" We all agreed, and for the next hour, we worked hardcore on our businesses. In that 30 minutes, I got $334 off a subscription, and I sold $300 worth of gear.

So I paid for the conference- which was Noah's goal.

This was awesome, and really got me thinking.

  • How can Fringe help you?
  • What could we do that would make us crazy helpful to you?
  • What can we do that would make you FOOLISH not to work with us?

Hit me at peter@fringesport.com . I want to know what you think.

Oh yeah, and most sleds are 10% off this week only. They're great; I love 'em.


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