The Best All-Purpose Barbell on the Market: The Bomba Bar V3

What’s up Fringe Fam? In this blog, we’re bringing you something special… something very, very near and dear to our hearts… we’re talking all things Bomba Bar. Specifically, all things Bomba Bar V3, our third installment in the Bomba Bar Saga.

Third installment? Yes, there have been two great Bomba Bars before this one: the V1 and V2. The V3 is the culmination of eleven years of barbell design and manufacturing. We listened to you, Fringe Fam, and have taken your needs and have crafted a freakin’ amazing all-around barbell right here in the US of A.

No matter what you’re intending to use it for, the Bomba Bar V3 is the perfect match. In your garage gym, in your local community gym, your affiliate, heck… even in your living room if you’ve got the space (and we know some of you do and make your living room gyms work!).

Let’s get into the ever-so enticing details.

Starting right in the middle with the shaft: the piece that you’re gripping, and the very heart of the barbell. This piece is crafted with American-made steel that can take up to 201,000 PSI (20kg version) and is perfect for doing just about any lift.

If you’re just getting started, this is still a great barbell for you.

If you’re a world-champion powerlifter, there might honestly be a few barbells out there that would be better, but you’ll still be able to lift anything on our Bomba Bar V3.

The World-Record squat and deadlift are north of 1,000lbs and the Bomba Bar V3 will support that weight, and do it well. Although very few of us humans will probably reach that ourselves unless you’re The Mountain from Game of Thrones… and in that case, he should buy this bar.

We’ve taken our perfect, American-made steel and cut in a slightly aggressive knurling (the cross-hatching for extra grip) and we’ve coated it in a beautiful Cerakote finish.

What’s Cerakote, you ask?

Well… here’s a little fun fact. Did you know that AK-47s, assault rifles, those things going to some of the most inhospitable environments in the world, are covered in Cerakote?

Cerakote is a ceramic deposition coating that was designed to keep those guns safe and firing no matter what. That’s what we’ve laid out on this barbell.

You might be wondering “Cerakote is good for guns, but is it good for barbells?”

It’s amazing for barbells.

After the heat treating, we cut the cross-hatching into the bar, and then we lay some sort of finish on the bar to be a rust and damage preventative. Cerakote is an amazing finish to lay on the barbell that preserves the finish and the knurling, keeping the barbell feeling brand new in your hands, but still does an excellent job at protecting your barbell from oxidation, aka rust, that we never want to see on such a precious piece of equipment.

The shaft is 28mm, and will feel great in your hands, on your back, as it’s pulled off the floor or pushed from your chest… anything.

The sleeves are one of the best parts of this amazing barbell because there’s freakin’ needle bearings in them. Not just one… but 28 needle bearings for amazing spin in your hands. As you’re going from ground to shoulder, shoulder to overhead, even ground to overhead, you’re going to very much appreciate that this barbell has a nice, predictable, buttery, smooth and fast spin.

Plus, it’s all made in America.

The Bomba Bar V3 is great for WOD-ing, powerlifting, olympic lifting, and just about anything. It’s an amazing all-around barbell, but if you’re specializing in powerlifting or olympic weightlifting, and your goal is the national championship in those sports, we recommend getting a specialty barbell. If you’re powerlifting and olympic lifting recreationally, the Bomba Bar V3 will have you covered no matter what type of lifting you decide to do day-to-day.

We designed the Bomba Bar V3 to be an outstanding barbell that’s friendly to your wallet, and with a lifetime warranty, it’s going to out-live you. You’re probably going to pass this bar to your kids, but not only that… they’ll probably fight over it in your will. Just sayin’. 

Like Patek Philippe says about watches, you don’t own it, you’re protecting it for the next generation. That’s exactly what’s going on here with our Bomba Bar V3, so we’re borrowing that statement. You don’t own it, and you’re protecting your Bomba Bar V3 for the next generation.

This is an American-made barbell. Have we mentioned that yet? It’s made directly in America’s heartland: Alabama.

Of course, just like everything else at Fringe Sport, the Bomba Bar V3 comes with the best guarantee and the best warranty in the business. We love this stuff. We don’t sell anything that we don’t lift on.

Right now, you can get the Bomba Bar V3 in any color you’d like, as long as that color is black. We’re hoping to offer a selection of colors in the future, but black is what we’re rolling with for the time being.

You’ve got to get your hands on one of these bad boys. Trust us… with a guarantee and a warranty like it’s got behind it, it just might change your life.

Check out our new and improved Bomba Bar V3, and get out there and lift something heavy.

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