The Best Bar Pad & Some Positivity


A while back, PK had seen a video addressing the question, “what is the best bar pad for squats?” and in the comments of that video, the person answering that question got quite a bit of flack.

At Fringe Sport, we can’t say he deserved that and we’re massive believers in positivity, so PK is going to answer that question seriously, because if you’re asking that question, you’ve made the choice to fight the couch and live a strenuous life and to put in the hard work against your own monsters. Some people prefer to use a squat pad in their squat workouts, and that’s just fine

So, now you get a real answer (well, a few) to the question without sarcasm.

A bar pad is a pad that attaches to the bar, and protects your shoulders from discomfort during squats.

The first, real answer is that you can buy anything, from anywhere, as long as it’s got good reviews. It’ll get the job done. 

The second, more convenient answer is that you don’t really need a pad, because we’re sure you’ve got a towel lying around your house somewhere, right? All you need to do is fold up your towel, flop it over the bar, and voila, a makeshift bar pad. This, too, will get the job done.

The third answer is pretty straightforward: no bar pad… at all. When you line up and get set for a squat, you’ve got your bar lined up on your traps, and you unrack, there is going to be some pain and discomfort initially. 

The secret that they weren’t exactly telling you is that pain and discomfort eventually goes away. 

It’s going to hurt now, maybe two or three weeks later, even, but eventually, it’ll feel good. You’ll feel strong, and appreciate that you’ve got some iron on your shoulders and are getting some good work in.

Just get after it, keep putting the work in, and you’ll reap the rewards… just like anything else in life.

A while back, PK received some valuable input from Olympian Chad Vaughant: when you’re squatting, it’s best for everything to be dead back there anyway, so you should be doing all types of different squat variations: high bar, low bar, and everything in between. That creates some toughness and tolerance to load on your back.

Now, regardless of whether or not you use a squat pad yourself, more power to you for being a part of the Iron Game and getting after it. More power to you for fighting the couch! You’re PK’s kind of person! 

If you’re choosing to do the work, to sweat, and get after it, there’s something to be applauded there. Now, in the midst of the Garage Gym Revolution, there’s often a step skipped in personal fitness journeys because instead of going from the couch, to a club or other gym where you might learn tips like these, the Garage Gym Revolution has taken over. 

It’s always best to lead with positivity, offer a helping hand, some tips, and commend those around you on the same journey, no matter their speed because we’re all in this together. So, do your best to encourage those around you, bring them up with you, and lift heavy and happy :)

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