You’ve seen them.  You’ve smelled them.  You’ve probably even tasted one or two or 10 in your life.

Those round, gooey, cheesy, tomato-ey pies of deliciousness piled high with everything under the sun.

You know what we’re talking about…………


Who among us hasn’t had a hot from the oven pizza and burned the roof of your mouth because you just couldn’t wait?

Or grabbed a slice during a football game, washing it down with a bee…..ummmmm soda!   LOL

Or even enjoyed those long strings of cheese in rich tomato sauce while watching your favorite movie with your family?

Pizza has so many memories for all of us and so we were curious about all the pizza toppings that are out there – what do you think the top pizza toppings are?

After doing a little research (and no, we’re not talking about going out and polling the warehouse guys!), we discovered the following toppings are “tops” (see what we did there?) around the country!


(this information came to us by way of a poll by Foodler of thousands of pizza chains in the US!)

  1. Pepperoni – ummmm DUH – do we really need to expound on the spicy goodness of these little round slices of fun?

  1. Mushrooms – I have to say – these fungi are usually a matter of debate in my house. While I love them, they usually produce gagging noises from the less sophisticated palates.

  1. Onions – caramelized is my preference but as long as I have breath mints or those around me are chowing down too, I’ll take them any way!

  1. Sausage – is this a matter of preference? Crumbled or balled? Hot or mild? Spicy or bland? Makes the head swim, right?
  1. Bacon – does the fact that bacon is number FIVE on the list mean that not everything is better with bacon?

  1. Extra cheese – personally, this would have been #2 on my list because the more cheesy strings trailing down my chin, the better.
  2. Black Olives – eh, this is a take or leave – do you think their salty taste when you bite down is good or bad?
  3. Green peppers – I didn’t think you could have a pizza without green peppers (sautéed anyone?) but apparently others don’t agree. (have you ever wondered why yellow, red and orange peppers aren’t the choice?)

  1. Pineapple – is there a more hotly debated pizza topping on the planet than pineapple? I’ve seen civilized people come to blows over the tropical tartness of this very unusual (or yucky!) pizza placeholder.

  1. Spinach / Chicken – this was a tie and honestly I can’t understand how they even made the list (I’m sure I’ll hear about that statement in the comment!)

Now – I do have to say – how in the WORLD did ham and Canadian bacon not even show up?  Aren’t there unwritten pizza rules that say you have to have those two toppings somewhere in the mix?

So I gots to know - what toppings are you favorites? What do you hate? What will you riot over if you even see a speck on your pizza? 

Tell us below in the comments or join our Instagram / Facebook discussion and let us know!

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