Training in China and Barbells

Hey Fringe fam! Its Peter here again. I'm traveling again working on a bunch of really cool new products.

So yesterday and the day before I was at one of our factories and still here working on a bunch of new barbells and squat racks and rigs. That sort of thing, gonna be really cool when they come out, plus a few surprises here and there.

One of the things that is really cool about this factory, and one other factory, is that I travel and visit the factories often and I'm pretty serious about working out. You know...

We only sell what we lift on.

It's not just a saying, we are passionate about garage gyms and about boxes, affiliates, micro-gyms and we live in this community so one of the things when I travel a lot of times I find it hard to find a gym, especially when I'm in China. So I asked our two biggest factories to build me a little gym in their factory to lift in and these two biggest factories really took that idea and ran with it.

So they built in our previous factory where I was in a nice fitness area it's probably 30 feet... 40 feet by 40 feet something like that and the owner of the factory has even become very passionate about fitness. Previously he was not so much but now he is. It's it's pretty awesome. So whenever I go there, I squat with him. He's very interested in the squat.

Now here today, I'm in a different factory and where this factory owner took that idea behind building a gym, is to make a part showroom / part gym and whenever I come here I actually, I'm not a trainer, but I've been in the fitness world for a while so I know a little bit about say a knee jerk kinesiology or something like that and I always train the factory owner and his factory workers have started coming when I'm here. After hours we workout and I teach them how to workout and a little bit about training and this sort of thing one of the funniest things here is that whenever I'm training them, they always have their phones out and they're recording for WeChat which is kind of like Chinese Facebook.

They're recording for usually two reasons, as best I can figure, (1) is "Hey friends, look at me it's so cool this white person is training me." but I think that the... which that's cool, down with that, but then (2) their training so that they can remember, they're recording, excuse me so they can remember what we're doing so that after I leave they can do it again and there's one younger factory worker here in general that I see every time I come and he's been telling me that he's been reviewing the videos and he's been doing the exercises when I'm not here and I can tell that he's definitely stronger and more fit than when he was here, excuse me, than when I came in previous times. So that's that's really awesome.

You know part of the reason that I founded Fringe is to make a difference in people's lives

and I hadn't necessarily thought that it would make that difference in people's lives but that's awesome you know one person fitter and healthier is amazing and I'll take that. Of course, helping thousands of people so tens of thousands but everyone counts.

So one of the things I wanted to talk about just real briefly is that our sale for the week is barbells and we have just launched a few barbells.

Done a little bit of a soft launch we've got the first reviews in from some of the product reviewers that we work with and we'll link those up down below there of the Hybrid Bar which is a really awesome barbell did a little something special with the knurling on this one but it's a great all-around barbell and it's for a very, very limited time under $300 because this is an amazing bar that is absolutely worth six, seven, eight hundred dollars and in terms of looking at the tensile strength we get the engineering that goes into it but we worked really hard to bring it in under $400 and even right now for launch its under $300 so if you're thinking at all about the hybrid bar I urge you to jump on it now because it's about to go up in price.

Anyway, so this has been Peter from Fringe Sport if you like what we're doing subscribe to this on YouTube or forward this email to a friend and rock and roll. This is Peter traveling the world and trying to lift while I'm doing it.


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