Transformation Testimonial - Meet AJ And Read About The Change He Made For His Family!

Andrew “AJ” Anderson is 40 years old.  He says he used to be in shape, but life happened and he gotten out of shape, weight as much as 240 pounds.  He was already losing weight, but started tracking his progress with photos at 228 pounds.   After working out for 6 months, he dropped to 197 pounds!

Fringe Sport Transformation Testimonial AJ Anderson

When asked why he made the change, AJ said it was all about his family and his health.  He has a son and wants to be able to play with him – and keep up with him!  Of course, that’s a whole other type of exercise!

AJ started his transformation slowly.  He started eating “mindfully” and thinking about what he was putting on his plate and in his mouth.  Plus he ate more slowly, thinking about each bite.  His breakfast became oatmeal and sugar was a “no-no!”   Impressive self-control there!

Fringe Sport Transformation Testimonial AJ Anderson

When AJ first started his strength journey, he was lifting weights.  But eventually he switched over to calisthenics, strength band exercises, using an ab wheel and jumping rope.  He says he mostly exercises at home with these exercises, but he does go to the gym so he can use the pull-up bar and dip tower.  He wants to get one of those for his own gym, along with some rings!

He said he intends to stick with this weight loss because of the promise he made to himself.  He feels the difference in making it work is he truly wanted to change.  He says is going to continue his progress and make the change permanent since his motivation is all about being healthier and being there for his family.

Fringe Sport Transformation Testimonial AJ Anderson

AJ says anyone can do what he’s done.  You just have to persevere and stick to it, even though it can be hard.  Don’t try to copy any one person – find what works for you and then make an exercise plan you enjoy.  If you have fun and enjoy what you’re doing, then you’ll keep it up.

 Fringe Sport Transformation Testimonial AJ Anderson

We appreciate AJ sharing his Strength Journey Transformation with us  - we love to see how people have changed their lives for the better!

Fringe Sport Transformation Testiomonial AJ Anderson

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And, as always, Lift Heavy, Lift Happy!

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