Used Garage Gym Equipment Sale This Weekend

Greetings Fringe Nation.

If you missed the email or announcement on social media, we're having a used garage gym equipment sale this weekend, February 9 and 10. 

If you haven't seen elsewhere what's on sale, here are some teaser pix to give you an idea.

garage sale gear

Kettlebells aplenty and other surprises.

We're going to have an incredible selection of new and used equipment for this Garage Sale. We'll be revealing some of the items on Monday 2/4. Make sure you've subscribed to our LOCAL email list for updates straight to your

- DO Come Early. We open at 10 am on Saturday & Sunday, which leads us to...

- DON'T Wait Until the Last Minute. Some items have VERY limited quantities. Once we're out, we're out. Most of these items are available NEW, but we will have some "last call" items.

- DO Bring a Friend. If you plan on stocking up, you may want some help.

- DO Plan Ahead. Make sure you have the space in your vehicle to haul your goodies. We are not shipping or holding items. Come by all weekend for in-store purchase and pickup.

garage sale sleds

They'll be singing Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It" for you.

There will be no additional discounts on top of garage sale prices. We'll have a few more items than what's listed below.

Don't forget! We have our local 10% discount on top of all of our new equipment (excluding rowers, gym mats, and garage sale items), even on top of our weekly deal.

garage sale gear

The thrill of bargains is strong in this one.

It's first come, first served, so the early lift gets the gift so to speak. What's pictured is what we've got. We're not holding anything in a secret stash. So be sharp on the draw to get what you want. 

garage sale rig

You could say our garage sale is..."rigged."

garage sale sleds

Get your sled in the game. 

If you don't know already, used garage gym equipment acts like catnip for all you garage gymmers. If you've been to one of our garage sales, you know they can get crowded quick. 

So get here early, and get in line. 

PRO TIP: If you don't have time to eat breakfast, hit the taco truck across the street, next to Club Zota's. Or have lunch after the garage sale.

We eat there every Friday and their tacos are some of the most scrumdiddilyumptious in Austin!

Mirian Tacos #2 cranks out super awesome, authentic, street tacos. The carnitas are to die for. Also, they have a creamy, avocado salsa that will change your salsa game for eternity.

taco truck menu

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