We Want to Feature Your Garage Gym

Garage Gym of the Week is BACK!

We want to show off YOUR hard work and the spaces you call your garage gym, your pain cave, your sweat space, whatever you call the place where you put in your hard work, and lift heavy & happy.

We've featured a few of you from our Fringe Fam recently, and we want to give more of you the opportunity to show off your digs.

Not only that, but we want to get to know YOU!

Our Fringe Fam is extremely important to us, and we want to get to know you better. We want to show off your hard work and your investment in yourself! You deserve it, Fringe Fam. You're improving your lives through strength!

If you're interested in showing your garage gym off, send us an email at team@fringesport.com and let us know. We'll send you a few questions to answer, and ask for a few photos of your garage gym/pain cave/gains space and we'll make sure your gear, your set-up, and your gains are shown off all over Fringe Sport.

YOU are the reason we are what we are today. Give yourselves some credit and your gym the spotlight you deserve!

Check out one of our recent Garage Gyms of the Week HERE!


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