Weekend Workout - PK's Favorite Workout For Weekend Warriors

 "Oh No Curtis P"


This heater of a workout for all you weekend warriors out there comes from our very own Peter Keller.  You may know him as PK, the fantastic Fringe head warrior.  This workout was something he learned (and endured!) at Atomic Athlete, a gym very near and dear to PK's heart here in Austin.

This is primarily a barbell workout, but can be done with kettlebells, dumbbells, or odd-objects. Whatever you've got works, as long as it can be power cleaned, front racked, and push pressed.   This means you could use cans of food, bricks, rocks, dogs, cats or anything you can hold in your hands!

Here we go. 100 Curtis P's for time:

A single Curtis P is comprised of the following:

  • One power clean
  • One forward lunge on each leg
  • A push press to finish the rep.

You can push yourself for time - how fast can you go?   And if you continue to practice the Curtis P - can you get faster and faster? 

Our very own Larry Thomas (he's one of our retail sales gurus) demonstrated this workout so you can follow along as you aim for your personal best time!



And don't forget to challenge your friends to see who's the fastest at this workout!

Tag us on Instagram @fringesport to let us know your time when you try out the Curtis P - we want to know if you can beat PK!

Always remember - lift heavy, lift happy!

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