Hey There Fringe Fam!

We are speeding through the New Year and hope you’re doing well with your 2022 strength journey and any resolutions you made. 

Here at Fringe, we have other new things that are happening for us - and the biggest one includes a new location. 

That’s right - Fringe is moving its warehouse!  Anyone who has ever moved knows what a pain in the #$%^  moving can be - and moving an entire warehouse is going to be a Fringe-squatch size undertaking!

We are looking for new space so Fringe can continue to grow and move forward - and in turn help all our current Fringe Fam, and new Fringe Fam members, improve their lives through strength!

This has been a long time coming.  I have been searching for the right space for our warehouse and our gear, and we finally found it. 

Since we’ve finalized the location - now we gotta move our gear!  And the amount of gear we have to move is overwhelming!

So I want to ask for your help. Can you move some of the gear… to YOUR garage?

In other words, we’re having a Massive Moving Sale.   We want to give you the lowest prices EVER so you can stack your gym with everything you’ve ever wanted - and even items you didn’t know you needed. 

Almost every item on our website is ON SALE - so you can get everything you want - bumper plates, a new bar, a bench - and even the larger items you weren’t sure you could ever get, like a second rack, a strongman yoke or a GHD. 

At Fringe, we want to give you what you need to make your dreams come true.  And we want to do it the best way possible. 

Join us as we share our moving story with you - and make the deals that you won’t see again. 

As always, you are the reason we are where we are - you are the reason we are a growing company and moving forward. 

You are the most important part of Fringe Sport. 

We appreciate YOU!

LHLH- Lift Heavy, Lift Happy, Fringe Fam


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