What is the disadvantage of bumper plates?

Today, we dive into a topic that often sparks debates among garage gymmers: the disadvantages of using bumper plates. While bumper plates have their merits, it's important to acknowledge their drawbacks too. In this article, we'll explore what bumper plates are, their primary purpose, and delve into the three main disadvantages when compared to their iron counterparts.

What are bumper plates?

Bumper plates are the oversized, often colorful discs you'll typically find on the barbells of Olympic weightlifters. Unlike their iron counterparts, these plates are made of rubber, allowing them to be dropped without damaging the floor or equipment. Their primary purpose is to facilitate explosive lifts like snatches and cleans, where the lifter can comfortably drop the barbell after completing the movement.

What is the disadvantage of bumper plates?

Bumper plates, while beloved by many weightlifters, do come with their fair share of disadvantages. First, they tend to be more expensive than traditional iron plates, putting a strain on the wallet. Secondly, their larger size takes up more space on the barbell, potentially limiting the maximum weight that can be loaded. Last, the inherent bounce of bumper plates can be a love-it-or-hate-it feature, as some lifters find it disruptive to their lifting technique (especially for deadlifts).

Despite these drawbacks, the benefits of safety, versatility, and performance often outweigh the inconveniences, making bumper plates a popular choice for those seeking explosive lifts and enhanced athletic performance.

But let's explore those bumper plate disadvantages a little deeper.

They're More Expensive Than Iron Plates

Ah, the first hurdle we must leap over when it comes to bumper plates – the price tag. It's no secret that bumper plates can be a bit heavy on the wallet. Their material and construction make them pricier than their iron counterparts. But fear not! Consider this an investment in your weightlifting journey, for they offer unparalleled convenience and durability.

They Take Up More Space on Your Barbell

Now, here's a disadvantage that might cramp your style – quite literally. Bumper plates are typically wider than iron plates, meaning they take up more space when loaded on your barbell. This can limit the total weight that can be lifted, particularly if you're working with a limited amount of room on the sleeves. However, this inconvenience pales in comparison to the flexibility and versatility bumper plates bring to your training sessions.

Bouncing – A Love-Hate Relationship

Ah, the bouncy nature of bumper plates. Some love it, some loathe it. When dropped, bumper plates tend to rebound slightly due to their rubber composition. While this can be advantageous during certain exercises, it might interfere with your lifting preferences or technique. It's like your plates have a mind of their own, ready to add a little extra challenge when you least expect it. But hey, it keeps you on your toes, right?

Why Use Bumper Plates Despite the Disadvantages?

Now that we've uncovered the disadvantages, let's ponder why people still choose to embrace these colorful, bouncy discs. Firstly, the ability to safely drop the barbell without causing damage is a game-changer for explosive lifts. Secondly, bumper plates help develop speed, power, and mobility, enhancing overall athletic performance. Lastly, they provide a forgiving surface for beginners and those recovering from injuries, reducing the risk of strain or stress on joints.

So which should you choose- bumper plates or iron plates?

As with anything in life, my friend, bumper plates come with their fair share of disadvantages. They can be pricier, take up more space, and introduce an element of bounce into your lifting routine. However, when considering their safety, versatility, and performance benefits, these drawbacks may seem trivial. So, whether you choose to stick with iron plates or venture into the world of bumper plates, remember to make a choice that aligns with your training goals and preferences. 

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Stay strong, lift smart, and always choose plates that make you feel powerful!

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