Where's my stuff?

Hey Fringe Fam - we have heard your cries of consternation - what? Another delay? You’re killin’ me, Fringe!!

We know - we know - and we hate it too! :( The worst emails we ever have to send are the ones letting our folks know gear is delayed yet again.  

Some of you are probably wondering “So why isn’t Fringe doing anything to fix this?”  Let me tell you, friends - we’re trying!

To get you some news you can use, we went straight to the source of good (and not so good!) info, our Product Manager, Colin Maguire. Colin works with our shipping and inventory and has all the 411 on what’s going on with shipping.

Fringe (F):  What is the biggest reason, in your opinion, for the recent slow shipping?

Colin (C) :  Things have slowed down for several reasons.  One is increased consumption of goods by the consumer (meaning we use/need/want more stuff).  This always increases demand and sometimes puts manufacturers at a disadvantage because they can’t always keep up.  Another reason is that companies that sail the goods via ship have done what’s called “blank sailings”, or sailing fewer containers on a ship than it can easily carry. This causes the demand for the companies goes up but it also causes a backlog of containers to grow, as large numbers of goods aren’t being shipped out regularly. 

F:  Do you think the delays will be permanent?


C:  They won’t be permanent, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. I do hope the supply chain line goes back to normal by the spring.


F:  Is this affecting everything on our site or just certain items?


C:  We are working our hardest to keep all of our products in stock. The products that are not vulnerable to these issues are any of our American made products.  


F:  American made is always popular!  Does Fringe have plans to provide more American made gear?


C:  We are constantly looking for companies in the US to make products for us but we don’t have any dates set in stone at this time.  As we roll them out, we will publicize this all over our social media channels and our website!


F:  What is Fringe doing to help the delays not affect our customers? 


C:  We are working hard to plan for these delays and prioritize the products we know our customers want and need.


F:  Is there anything else you can tell the Fringe Fam about the delays?


C:  Keep an eye on our site - we’re constantly working with our shipping partners to get gear in as quickly as possible.  We always want to provide our customer with the best possible equipment we can!


So there ya have it Fringe Fam!  It may not be what you want to hear - and honestly, it’s not what we wanted to tell you - but we want to be transparent and keep you in our loop.


We give you our promise we will continue working hard to get our gear into Austin as quickly as we can.  We don’t want y’all to lose any of those gainz you’ve been building during the recent madness.


As always we’re here to help - if you got questions, we've got answers!  Drop them below and we’ll hit you up with everything you want to know, and more.


And - don’t forget - Lift Heavy Lift Happy!

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