WOD of the Week: Dead Row

This week's WOD was submitted by Lee Perry.

Everyone can do it (weight can be scaled) or Go RX plus. 405# is fun. Bump it to 9/12 cal. Point is it's a WOD all can do and it will push you.

What You'll Need:

The Workout:
Dead Row

  • EMOM 20 Min
  • Even: 3 Deadlifts 315lb
  • Odd: 10/7 Cal Row

WOD Vocab:

  • EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute
  • Cal Row = Row until the desired calories are reached.

Want to have your favorite WOD featured? Submit your WOD to team@fringesport.com. If you have photos of you doing the WOD even better - include those too! 



  • D!

    9/12 and 10/7 means:
    For RX woman do 7 cal..man do 10 cal

    for RX plus woman do 9 cal. man do 12

  • JIM

    in the paragraph below the photo what does 9/12 cal mean? what about 10/7 cal row? is this the male/female Rx cal count or does it mean something else? i’m new to reading about these WOD’s and trying to figure out all the different terminology people use.

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