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This week's WOD was submitted by @stonerowfit. He tagged us in his vacay WOD. A couple kettlebells and a sandbag trainer...and go!

Keeping up with my fitness on vacation... 3.4mi run in 27:59 Then a bit of a #chipper. 100 alt KB snatch (40lbs) 100 push-ups 100 sandbag row (100lbs) 250yd KB farmers carry (55/40). Loving the weather and the company on this vacation #topsailisland #crossfit #garagegym #sandbagtraining #kettlebell #fuckthedadbod #rspnutrition #fringesport @fringesport Fueled by @rspnutrition

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What You'll Need

The Workout: 

  • 3.4 Mile run
  • 100 alt Kettlebell Snatch (40lb)
  • 100 Pushups
  • 100 Sandbag Rows (100lb)
  • 250 yard Kettlebell Farmer's Walk (40lb)

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