WOD of the Week: Moni AMRAP

This week's WOD is from James H., we appreciate you sharing your WOD and your story:

I came up with this WOD the day after my mom passed away. I wanted something that would allow me to sit in a mindless state of suck for an extended period of time without giving me the chance to let up. Low skill movements and the odd time frame discourage planfulnesss, while rep increases add some spice. Overall, goal is to just put your head down and do as much work as possible.

My mom passed away unexpectedly due to complications from Type 2 diabetes, so the metabolic conditioning experience of this workout serves as an oddly fitting memorial.

The Workout:  Moni (my son's name for my mom) 18 minute AMRAP.  Start at 5 reps of each, increase 5 reps each round  (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.). 

  • Row calories 
  • Wall balls to 10 feet, 20lb/14lb
  • Russian kettlebell swings, 53lb/35lb

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