Workout of the Week: Pause Squats - Why You Should Add Them to Your Workout

Why You Should Add Pause Squats to Your Workouts

This week's workout was submitted by @mrdkg on Instagram. He tagged us in his Pause Squat post. This movement can be helpful if you want to improve your squats and overall strength.

You may be asking, "What is a pause squat?" - While performing a squat movement you stop at the bottom of the movement, hold that position for however long, then explode out of the hole to the starting position. Keep in mind you should keep good form throughout. You will need to use a lower weight.

Why Should You Add Them?

If you are looking to improve your squats and overall strength then you'll want to consider "Pause Squats"

  • This movement build strength out of the hole aka the lowest part of a squat.
  • This not only helpful for your squats, but also deadlifts, cleans, or snatches. Holding the position can mimic the feeling you have when doing a clean or snatch so will also help these movements as well.
  • Build static, support strength in the lower back, hips, and abs.
  • Teach you to stay tight since you'll have to hold the position as well as keep good form.

It is suggested to do 1, 3, 5, or 7-second pauses. Start with 50% of your regular weight for a longer pause and work your way up to higher weight with shorter pauses. We included this video (below) from Alan Thrall who has some helpful tips on what NOT to do when practicing this movement. He also suggests how you can incorporate the movement into your workout regime.

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