Workout Of The Week - The Kettlebell Killer!

As you've probably noticed, here at Fringe we LOVE our kettlebells.  Whether we're using our regular prime kettlebells, or these super sick Hell's 'Bells, we've found kettlebells to be one of the best and most versatile pieces of workout equipment around. 

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So when Atomic Outpost, in Austin, Texas, offered to create a kettlebell workout using our new Hell's 'Bells, we jumped at the offer.

And Brittan, one of their trainers, didn't let us down.  He sent us a "killer" workout that we are sharing with you today!   WARNING:  You may or may not be able to walk once you're done!

THE WORKOUT - The Kettlebell Killer

5 Rounds
10x KB Goblet Lunges
20x Weighted Step Ups
10x KB Romanian Deadlift (holding KB at hip level and lifting up)
60 seconds Rest
4 Rounds
5x Single Arm KB Clean and Press each side
60 seconds Rest
3 Rounds
5x Turkish Get-Ups each side  (see the linked video for info )
60 seconds Rest
As you can see, this workout covers all the muscle groups, and will give you a full workout (if you can make it all the way to the end, that is!
You may wonder what size kettlebell you should use.   The answer is "whatever is comfortable for you."    You can start with something light, if you want, to go through the workout, but then you can up the weight so you up the benefits.
And, of course, while we did the workout with a kettlebell, you can use whatever you have - a dumbbell, a medball, even a large can of peaches will work!
Start slow with the workout.  If you can't get through all the reps of one movement, then stop, catch your breath and start again on the next week. 
This workout isn't for time - it is for you to find a workout you enjoy that will get you all the benefits of traveling down the road of your strength journey!
If you want to visit Atomic Outpost in Austin, check out the link to their website.  Be sure to tell Brittan how you enjoyed his workout!

If you have questions for us here at Fringe, be sure to reach out to us and we'll answer anything you need to know!
And, as always, lift heavy, lift happy!
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