Slam Balls (99309732)
Slam Balls (99309732)
Slam Balls (99309732)
Slam Balls (99309732)
Slam Balls (99309732)
Slam Balls (99309732)
Slam Balls (99309732)
Slam Balls (99309732)
Slam Balls (99309732)
100 lb ball (99309732)
150 lb ball (99309732)
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Slam Balls

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"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."  John F. Kennedy

Hippocrates is widely regarded as the inventor of the medicine ball, but the language our slam ball speaks to your body won't be Greek to you. The medicine ball's kissing cousin, the slam ball and its purpose-driven design make it a super effective tool for one specific task. You guessed it- slams.

The slam ball grants fitness benefits like no other piece of equipment. From total body conditioning, to multi-directional core training, and enhanced athleticism, it's the slam dunk of any training regimen.


Almost anyone can do slams with a slam ball. They're a super easy movement to perform that can be done with minimal skill, yet still executed well under high levels of fatigue and stress.

The main focus of slams dials in your core strength. While raising the ball over your head and extending with your ankles, knees and hips, you rely on your core to transfer energy from your lower body to your upper body. The explosive, total body movement strengthens a weak core in no time.

An unstable core often undermines athletic performance as it's the weak energy link in your body's power chain. By linking your lower body to your upper body with a strong core, you're able to add more burst and propulsion to your movements.

Also, slams juice up your workout with all kinds of fun. The movement's simplicity allows you to cut loose and let go, and get violent. With no worries about how to rack it, hold it, or hurting anyone, you can solely focus on lifting it up to the heavens and throwing it down to hell with all your might.

What beats the sheer joy of slamming a ball as hard as you can in a violent, repeated manner? The therapeutic benefits might make therapy sessions and prescriptions obsolete. "Rage rooms" are gaining in popularity for a reason. No need to go pay for an expensive hour smashing stuff when you can invest in a slam ball. We do suggest not answering "my slam ball" if someone asks who your therapist is.

As a bonus, the repetitiveness and intensity will workout your cardiovascular fitness harder than a bellows at a blacksmith shop. You can even use it to turn yourself into a Russian bear if you want to. We can't be held responsible for provoking urges to feast on spawning salmon swimming upstream.


The multiple five star reviews below speak for themselves.

Adam R. says:

"40# slamball has survived its first couple of wods. Lots more to come."

Another happy customer rated it 5 stars on Amazon saying:

"It's a 100lbs ball full of sand. Serves its purpose well."

Our slam ball pleases the people and it will please you too, when you feel like your arms disconnecting from the sockets and your abs burning like molten lava. You know, there are a lot of companies out there that will sell you snake oil. The shake weight comes to mind.

You know a product is legit when it's a round, heavy ball filled with sand. It just so happens that our slam ball will hopefully eliminate your therapy sessions and prescriptions while also chiseling your body into a beautiful masterpiece to behold. The only thing more durable and resilient than you doing slam ball workouts will be our slam ball itself, holding up to the brutal pounding you give it. As with all our products, it's Texas tough and will make you Austin buff.


Bring a dead bounce slam to your workout with our Slam Ball or "D-Ball". Similar to a traditional medicine ball, it's weighted but with a textured rubber exterior for better grip. Medicine ball slams are full body movements that are great for conditioning.

  • These slam balls have a dead bounce, so you don't get a big rebound- this forces you to catch the slam while in a full squat position.
  • Unlike other med balls that lose their shape or crack under repeated slams, this slam ball was designed from the ground up for one movement - the slam!
  • Textured rubber makes it easy to grip, even with sweaty hands.
  • Full year satisfaction guarantee.

These slam balls are backed by our No-Questions-Asked Satisfaction Guarantee- plus a 1-year warranty if you have any issues at all with these balls - even if the Fringe-Squatch uses them for bowling! Use them and love them- or try them out and hate them - we'll help you send them back, no questions asked!

PLEASE NOTE: Our current gray 15lb and 40lb slam balls have been SOLD OUT - and so we've switched over to our super cool, solid black new version of our slam balls. See the pictures below so you'll know what you're getting! They may not match, but they'll coordinate beautifully with each other and your gym!


1 - Slam Ball by Fringe Sport


10-150 pounds


Rubber filled with sand


Grey (or black, depending on size!)


1 Year

Product ID


6 LB,10 LB,15 LB,20 LB9"(23CM)


Heavy, awkward, and multi-purpose, Slam Balls are great for taking your "real world" strength and conditioning to the next level. Here's our list of the top 5 exercises we do with slam balls.

Slams: As the name suggest, this is the classic move done with Slam Balls. With a flat back, pick the ball up off the ground and bring it over your head in one fluid motion. Once it reaches it's peak, slam it down to the ground and then repeat again, and again, and again!

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Here is a customer submitted WOD ("Workout of the Day"). The recommended weights (RX weight) is 100lb for males and 60lb for females: 8 Minute Slam Ball / Pushup AMRAP

Here's another workout that our team put together. It includes both a slam ball and medicine ball, but you can easily switch out the medicine ball in this workout to use a slam ball instead: 10 Minute Boot Camp Workout

Required By California Law - WARNING: This product may have materials, which are known to the State Of California, that can cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, California Prop 65:

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