The family that barbells together...

A few years ago, a company called WOD Toys came out with a line of toys shaped like barbells, weight plates, kettlebells, and box jumps. They got a lot of press for their launch, and we considered carrying them at FringeSport.

We ended up not picking up the line, and while I think the WOD Toys are a great idea, something about them bothered me. I could never put my finger on it.

Fast forward a few years later and I ran into Sara from OSO at Wodapalooza in Miami. In addition to their awesome collars, she had her first batch of kids barbells in a tub in front of the booth.

I immediately went gaga over the barbells. I'm an infamously minimalist traveler and I was trying to figure out how to get one on the plane back to Austin with me (without checking it).

Uh, that didn't work out.

I eventually settled for buying a hundred or so to test out at Fringe. And they sold like hotcakes.

As soon as they hit our dock, I brought one home (with purple collars, natch). And well, check the pic at the top of this post.

Why do I LOVE the OSO Kid's Barbells when I was lukewarm to the WOD Toys?

The OSO Kid's Barbell is real. The toys are... toys. There is a time and a place for toys, but with the barbell in hand, I can begin teaching my girls how to lift.

"Since the invention of the equipment a hundred years ago, nothing has placed more hands on more barbells than CrossFit." - Mark Rippetoe

One of the things I love about strength training is the celebration of strong women- in physical strength, intelligence, emotional strength and more.

And with a the OSO Kids Barbell, I can start my kids down this path.

Who knows where it will lead- to the CrossFit Games? The Olympics? Or just to a well-rounded person who is not "amateur in the matter of physical training".

So if you've got kids (or a niece or nephew or cousin), check out the OSO Kids Barbell.

It's not a toy. It's a barbell... just smaller.

And we're running 10% off this and all our barbells on our site. Plus our normal free shipping deal.

It's a great sale. You should take us up on it ;)

But it ends Monday.

Thanks for reading.

I remain,


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  • Ajesh KP

    Good products, but as your customer i am not at all happy with your way of dealings. Very Very Poor dealings.

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