Barbell Storage - the ceiling DIY option for your garage gym

I'm blessed with an abundance of barbells in my home gym. I have so many that some of my favorites have been cluttering up the floor. I needed a barbell storage solution, stat! Here's how I built it, and got my bars off the floor!

Barbells on the floor- they need storage!

I also have very little wall space for barbells, but a bunch of old "bike hooks".

Hooks- you'll use these to hang the barbell from

So I took a few tools, the bike hooks, and I added some DIY barbell storage on my ceiling.

The completed DIY barbell storage solution

Despite the rust on the collar of the barbell in the rear, that is one of my favorite bars to lift on- it's a Wonder Bar version 1.0! Also, I have to stand on a stepstool to get the barbells down now, but it beats having the bars clutter up the floor!

If you do this DIY barbell storage rig yourself, just note that you need a drill,  studfinder, and a couple of hooks- you definitely want to go into studs!

The tools needed for barbell storage

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  • Roy

    I think this is a great idea. Where are the metal brackets with the “b” on them from?

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