3 Reasons NOT to Buy a Landmine Attachment

Here’s the deal, Fringe Fam. We know that landmine attachments might seem like a super convenient, simple way to change up your workout and open an entirely new set of exercises up for grabs in your workout routine. Yeah, yeah. That’s great.

There’s 3 reasons why you definitely should NOT buy a landmine.

They’re gimmicky


Ugh, it’s true. Landmine attachments are a lot like a diet fad or fashion trend. Some people really get into them and utilize them often and get great results and benefits from adding a landmine attachment and the plethora of movements that come with it, and some just let theirs sit in their garage gym collecting dust.

When used correctly, the landmine attachment can become an EXCELLENT, purposeful tool for training, saving your joints, and using stabilizing muscles you never knew you had. Plus, it can give you as nasty of a workout as any other piece of equipment when it’s used right.

Put it in a corner


If you have a barbell, some weight to throw on one end, and a corner to stick the other in (without damaging walls, of course), you don’t need a landmine attachment. Somewhere along the way, someone in fitness was smart enough to figure out that if you stick one end of a barbell in the corner of a pair of walls, a barbell will act very similarly to how it would when attached to a landmine. Does that do your barbell a disservice, though? We might argue that it does.

Now, it’s not perfect of course, but it does the trick and can be useful if you don’t use a landmine attachment all the time in your training and would be more likely to let a designated attachment sit in the dark and collect dust.

However… we have to make an argument for a tried-and-true landmine attachment. If you’ve ever experienced landmine training, we’d be surprised if you weren’t hooked. Landmine attachments, although easy to makeshift, move fundamentally differently than a barbell shoved in a corner. Range of motion is opened up to nearly 360 degrees with a real attachment. Plus, think of all the fun you could have with a double landmine attachment. Viking press, anybody?

You don’t need it to get strong


Do you know anyone that is MEGA jacked and super strong, like Arnold or Nick Walker strong from just training with a barbell and a landmine attachment? Now, don’t get us wrong. There have to be some people out there who dedicate their training to specifically use landmines and nothing else and might be SO strong and super jacked. We just don’t know any of those people personally.

A landmine is not (usually) a means of getting super mega big muscles and obtaining all the gainz in the world. You likely have to look to other means of fitness for that to happen. But, we’re not saying it can’t be done.

Like we mentioned before, landmine attachments are an excellent training tool that can save your joints and give you a nasty workout and activate and work muscles you never knew you had. A landmine attachment allows for free movement without being fixed and locked in, which can often cause pain in joints. 

Want to work on improving your core strength? Want to work unilateral movements, whether upper or lower body? Want to train dynamically to improve power, coordination, and stability, plus strengthen those ways of movement? A landmine attachment in your arsenal is the perfect way to do just that.


Plus, think of all the fun you could have in your garage gym with a landmine. Adding one into your equipment options opens up an entirely new world of possibilities for workouts and strength and conditioning. You're sitting on a landmine of workout possibilities (if you will HAHA!).

If you have questions about landmine attachments, which is best for you, and how to implement them into your training, let us know in the comments below or send us a message on our site. We’ll be happy to direct you to landmine heaven and get you on the road to a strong core and more training options. Trust us, your joints will thank you.

As always, lift on a landmine, lift happy :)

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