3 Things to look for in a Medicine Ball

When it comes to medicine balls there is really only two things we need from them. Maximum durability and an even distribution of weight. Depending on the make and the production process, those things can vary from one brand to the next, but there are three things that you can personally see and/or feel to test out your medball before making a purchase.

1. Surface material (Core):

  • The outer core or surface material of the medball needs to be durable enough to withstand impact with the ground and whatever target you decide to use. Think about where you’ll be using it and the terrain it will be making contact with. We’ve found that outer cores made from PVC or high density cloth are both great at withstanding a number of elements and variations in workouts (slams, tosses, etc.)

2. Stitching:

  • To go along with a strong outer core, you want to make sure that the contents inside the medball will stay there. Double stitched lacing is the only way to go and very easy to see. It should look like this.

3. What's Inside:

  • The actual contents of the medball are obviously impossible to see without destroying the medball, and not really that important. What is important is how their distributed. Without even distribution your medball will be hard to catch and throw when doing wallballs, or really any other movement for that matter. The easiest way to tell if the contents inside are weighted evenly throughout, is simply to roll the ball in a straight line and see if it stays true to that line without swerving left or right.

Here at Fringe Sport we take the time to produce premium products for our customers. Because we only lift on what we sell, we ensure our products are the best quality you can buy. We have perfected out V3 medicine ball with all these qualities, and are so proud of it we warranty it against slamming!

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