Best Three Ways to Store and Upkeep Bumper Plates

Bumper Plates are a big investment, and although they are meant to take a beating, leaving them strewn about the gym for people to run into or hit with other pieces of equipment, can have a heavy toll on the longevity of your bumper plates - Not to mention nobody likes a messy workout space. Here are three easy ways to keep your bumpers out of the way, orderly, and safe from any gym havoc that might take place.

Vertical Barbell & Bumper Plate Holder

  • It only takes up about 4 square feet of space, but the Vertical Bar + Bumper Holder can hold up to 600lbs of bumpers spread out over six different horns, allowing you to keep all your weights organized. You also get the added bonus of being able to store two barbells (great for a garage gym!).

Squat Stand Weight Horns

  • Simple, compact, and you can put them virtually anywhere on a squat stand or rig. Weight horns are the easiest way to get your bumper plates off the ground and conveniently stored for easy use.

Rolling Bumper Stacker

  • Need to transport weights frequently or move them to create space? The heavy duty Rolling Bumper Stacker is durable, holds up to 800lbs of weight, and is great for freeing up gym space previously taken up by stacked plates.


  • Michael

    Will you guys ever consider making 100lb bumper plates?

  • Miguel Aguilar

    Where are the squat stand weight horns on the website,

  • Kanwal

    Hi do u guys sell Squat Stand Weight Horns

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